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DMK – Daniela Mola’s vintage design

The bazaar of rare decor

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We’ve already talked about that little, marvelous place that is DMK – Daniela Mola, when it was decorated for Christmas. Marvelous, first of all, for its uniqueness, since you can’t find places like this in Milan anymore; and marvelous for its richness, for the huge amount of rare, unexpected items that you could find in your hands after going through the shelves and display tables. Now Christmas is gone, but DMK’s unmistakable allure didn’t change a bit.

Daniela Mola DMK - Milano

Two hundred square meters and a vast choice of the most varied objects and accessories, collected during more than forty years. Even though, we must say, what deserves more glory are the wonderful wooden design pieces produced during the ‘70s and ‘80s by DMK, a company that was named after Daniela herself and architect Ingo Knuth, her life and career companion. These pieces are boxes and cases with pure, essential lines, a true show of a timeless style.

Daniela Mola DMK - Milano

Besides the exclusive wooden pieces by DMK (you couldn’t find them anywhere else in Milan or in Italy) the walls and shelves of the shop overflow with ornaments, decor and vintage gems that you can’t absolutely miss. From period furnitures, to foulards straight out a Wes Anderson movies. And then tea sets, lamps, old tin boxes, vinyls, accessories for the house and the kitchen, cushions, picnic baskets. There’s really something of everything, including some rare piece like the first Mac computer model and Etro, Emilio Pucci and Yves Saint Laurent suits and ties.

Daniela Mola DMK - Milano

Each house and each person deserves treasures, unique objects that distinguish them from all others and fill them with the sense of joy one feels when faced with a discovery, a fateful combination. DMK – Daniela Mola is a large time machine, where the past resurfaces every day, ready to be noticed by an attentive eye and brought back to a new life in the present. And all of this has at its core the great personality of Daniela, that knows and loves each one of her pieces.

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