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L’Orto di Brera

All the good (and the beautiful) things of nature in the heart of Milan

Walking through the alleys of Brera, you can meet a special greengrocer who, thanks to the quality and the particularity of its products, has been able to enchant many Milanese, both workers and curious tourists looking for a quick but healthy lunch. Its name? The Orto di Brera. Its secret? Colors, scents and flavors of fruit and vegetables expertly selected and exhibited by the owners, that change according to the season. The walls of the place breathe the past of the greengrocers of the old-days Milan, when almost forty years ago the Orto opened its doors to the city, with the desire to teach the Milanese the principles of healthy eating.

L'orto di Brera - Milano

Wooden boxes, wicker baskets and eco-friendly containers decorate the interiors and allow patrons to discover the products up close thanks to the little slates describing the fruits and vegetables on display. This greengrocer brings a quality to the table that no one else does: there aren’t just traditional products, although declined in each regional variant, but also vegetables from all over the world for the most curious and the novelty lovers.

L'orto di Brera - Milano

At the center of the shop there’s a table that suggests conviviality: at the Orto you don’t just buy vegetables, but you can also sit down for a quick snack or a quiet lunch break. Every day the team of this green bistrot is ready to delight all palates, even the most wary of vegetables and fruit: ready-made dishes are exposed on sight in the small refrigeration unit near the entrance, where a wide choice of first and seconds courses, side dishes and fresh desserts prepared will amaze you. Many combinations with different cheeses and cereals, fish and meat make the proposals tasty and varied, alternating seasonally smells and flavors.

L'orto di Brera - Milano

But that is not all. For those who prefer a light meal, it is possible to have a made-to-order, fresh salad prepared for you with the best ingredients in the garden! Do not miss a green proposal even in the drinks area, thanks to the list of centrifuged and regular juices and smoothies that keep coming out of the small kitchen.

L'orto di Brera - Milano

We have to give some credit to the staff, also, always smiling, ready to satisfy any curiosity and to dispense valuable advice on the maintenance and preparation of the products. If you are looking for a place that makes love for the ingredients of the highest quality its philosophy, the Garden of Brera is a must, even at the end of the day for some high-quality grocery shopping!

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