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A Casa Eatery

An oasis of serenity in Milan full of memories and love for good food

Milan is not only the capital of fashion and luxury but also of good taste: among the innumerable restaurants, a particular one stands out as a rare pearl that will make you forget the daily routine daily routine, traffic and the hustle and bustle in which you are immersed every day. This is A casa Eatery, a delightful corner of peace located in via Conca del Naviglio, 37.

A Casa Eatery - Milano

An elegant blue door, barely hidden by the frenetic bustle of the city, invites you to slow down and enter a world where the passion for quality food, tranquility and courtesy are at home. And these are the key words of the project: at A casa Eatery you will feel like the last time you went for lunch with your grandma or you celebrated a birthday with your family. Every detail is set to make you feel at ease: the tables are far away from each other to guarantee the privacy of all guests while the 50s and 60s interior design fascinates the vintage lovers. Whether you are a group of friends looking for an informal and welcoming atmosphere or a couple in the middle of a romantic getaway, here you will find the right place.

A Casa Eatery - Milano

But there is no home without kitchen. The secret of this restaurant is hidden in the ability to combine the best ingredients of the south of Italy with the warmth of conviviality. The signature dish of the menu is in fact the Sicilian “Conza” Prawns: a preparation of toasted bread with garlic and pistachios covering the shelled prawns. An explosion of aromas and flavors.

A Casa Eatery - Milano

We continue with the first course where the proper pasta is the home-made one, better if made with everyone’s collaboration: from the grandmothers skillful teachers, to the children happy to feel like cooks for a day. This is the memory the chefs want to share with their guests. The seafood dishes are the flagship proposals of A casa Eatery and the southern regions from where they are inspired: from black squid “Spaghettone” with crunchy seasoned squid crudité and flakes of mullet “bottarga” to the Sardinian “Fregola alla pescatora”There are also meat alternatives such as “Cavatelli lucani” in broccoli cream, sausage and walnuts or the pork knuckle cooked at low temperature with tomato camone, romanesco broccoli and potatoes. All with full respect of seasonality.

A Casa Eatery - Milano

And when it comes to dessert, often the most awaited moment in meetings with family and friends, the restaurant also provides the possibility of making cakes on request to celebrate an important occasion or to make your dinner even more intimate and unforgettable.

A Casa Eatery - Milano

Between one course and another you can get up, sit on one of the sofas near your table, browse through the old wooden furniture, look up for book titles in the rich library or observe the map of Italy hanging at the back of the room. Only for true nostalgics.

A Casa Eatery - Milano

The crew of A casa Eatery succeeds in giving a few hours of serenity to those in Milan missing the big family tables and regretting their favorite childhood dishes. Time seems to stand still among these tables, hoping to make everyone feel welcomed and pampered, just like at home.

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