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Ajo Blanco

Spanish cuisine found a new oasis

There are places that represent a fixed point in the chaotic life of aperitifs, dinners and after dinners (we categorically refuse to include in this list the so-called apericene). They’re the places, as we were saying, that save us when the days fly fast and ideas are amiss; they are safe harbors where we always return, certain that they will welcome us with impeccable style. Ajo Blanco will become all this for you.

Ajo Blanco - Milano

Ajo Blanco was there when Isola was not Isola yet and people went there just to drink sangria in a slightly bohemian location that gave a touch of poetry to the days spent working or studying. Ajo Blanco was there before the widespread fashion of ethnic food or even before the mania of tapas.

Ajo Blanco - Milano

A food hub open from afternoon to night with drinks, sangria but also hot dishes. It was there even when putting something under your teeth was a problem when it was eleven o’ clock in the night, causing emotional trauma to all those born with the appetite of a superhero.

Ajo Blanco - Milano

Ajo Blanco was and still continues to be a beacon of light in the Milanese evenings. The location never loses its charm among the old furniture from which one can understand the taste for consumed things and for the recovery of furniture. The menu of the kitchen consists of many proposals, that have in common the raw materials of the highest level, while that of the drinks always keeps its soul. The atmosphere is sophisticated and chaotic at the same time, great for an evening with friends as for a romantic tête-à-tête.

Ajo Blanco - Milano

Over 50 tapas between tasty dishes of Spanish gastronomic culture and many proposals of the day that vary according to seasonal products. Pisto manchego and rollitos de berenjena: write down the name of these dishes, you will thank us. Yesterday, today and tomorrow Ajo Blanco represents a certainty in the parterre of Milan’s food and beverage proposals.

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