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Ambroeus Milano

A story of friendship and passion for fashion that has conquered not only the Milaneses

In the heart of the Isola district, known for the mix of innovation and tradition it represents, there is a shop that captures the interest of the most romantic and nostalgic bystanders but also of the dreamers projected into the future. Its name is Ambroeus and was born from an idea of ​​two brothers, Ettore and Giorgia, and their best friend Massimo. These guys, led by the passion for fashion that unite them, have decided to open a buy & sell trade store with the aim of giving a second life to all the clothes that otherwise would end up at the bottom of the closets of their first owners.

Ambroeus Milano

From Ambroeus you can find precious vintage garments from past generations but also items from famous contemporary brands, all united by a single fundamental value: that of quality. The basis of the project of this store is in fact the idea that a good-looking garnment deserves a second life, both for its ability to transcend time and stay current, and to avoid and live fashion according to a more sustainable ethic.

Ambroeus Milano

Entering you will find to welcome you the smile of the guys accompanied by a musical background that will make you feel immediately at home. It is then that you can start to turn between the shelves in search of the unavailable garnment on your wishlist or the perfect accessories to complete your look in an original and exclusive, all under the discreet but passionate guide of those who choose personally all the items on sale.

Ambroeus Milano

The main characteristic of Ambroeus is indeed the possibility of buying and selling, the so-called buy & sell trade: how many times it will have happened with the arrival of the new season to unpack boxes and closets and find garments that no longer reflect your way of to dress or just that you are tired of? Finally you can take them to the store and have them evaluated: if they are in line with the standards they will be put on sale and have a second life that will give them new splendor.

Ambroeus Milano

Since opening in October 2015, Ambroeus has been able to retain its customers thanks to the use of social networks that have engaged in a real virtual showcase of new arrivals. In addition, the possibility of buying online has allowed Ettore, Massimo and Giorgia to learn more about their web shop, so much so that The New York Times mentioned it among the five places not to be missed in Milan.

Ambroeus Milano

That of Ambroeus is a story that smells of memories but also of innovation that undoubtedly deserves to be told. But it is only by visiting the store and confronting the passion of those who have made it that you known the love and care that is hidden behind the choice of each garment. Because precious things are not possessed but preserved.

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