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Area #6

Once you have exited Area #6 you’ll have acquired something in common with Anna Wintour: the Hair Stylist

Area #6 is the “Flawless Coiffeur” of Milan. This isn’t an advertisement, but tell your girlfriends and you’ll have won kisses, hugs and compliments in public. Your ego will be so big it could reach the sky, trust me.

Area #6

Alessandro Lisi is the word of the day. Memorize this name. The search for credibility is really tough when a man writes about a hair stylist: try it. For credits write to the editor. (#tip) Guys, when you’re talking to a woman don’t say hairdresser or barber. They are Hair Stylists. Make sure you use a little wimpy “r” and they’re hooked. They will listen to you.

Area #6

Insisting on asking your friends for advice, if you’re trying to impress a guy, won’t take you very far. Nobody’s gonna reveal they’re competitive edge with the enemy, and now that you’re alone with your thoughts admit it: you are enemies. I don’t understand why you ignore our decisive and vocal preferences if we are the principal target of your makeover. Once and for all, admit that too.

Area #6

I’ve had more success with women after revealing this Hair Stylist than I have with fashionable outfits, biceps (maybe because you can’t really see them), dinners and drinks in the most impeccable spots in Milan. I can provide proof in private.

Alessandro is some sort of visionary. He listens to you, he looks at you, decides the cut, he operates. He’s honest: he’s not gonna say “Wow love you’re beautiful” when you look like the mop left out on the terrace during Christmas vacation. (#tip-Her) Try to remain impassible and accept the criticism, if you were already flawless you wouldn’t have waited two weeks for the appointment with Alessandro.

Area #6

I’ve insisted on the female side simply because, guys, I know that you have trust. Alessandro is really great with us boys too. No jokes on the picture. I had the luck of being introduced to his scissors three years ago. Haven’t changed since.

The operating room at Area #6 is in via Macedonio Melloni. (#tip) If you’re going for the last appointment of the day you won’t be far from the Nottingham Forest. Raise your glass to your new image consultant.

Area #6

One last irrelevant note, once you have exited Area #6 you’ll have acquired something in common with Anna Wintour: the Hair Stylist.

If he were a song, Alessandro Lisi would be “Tutto Quello che hai” by Airys.

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