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Bar Martini

A great opportunity to meet up in sophisticated milanese lounge

A great opportunity to meet up. Perfect for a social drink, like a Martini. I know, unfortunately there is no resemblance, but it still makes me feel slightly James Bond. I enter corso Venezia 15, trying to imitate Mr. Bond’s walk and order my citrus scented martini Made in Sicily typically Dolce. While I sip Vermouth and Gin I look at the Martini cup, sex symbol of glasses, I think of the olive and I concentrate: James wouldn’t eat it. Leave it there. It wouldn’t be elegant. Flawless tip: remember that the olive always has the pit. Where would you put it after you eat it? Don’t take that risk.

Bar Martini

Italy has intrinsic value. Culture, flavors and colorful language. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have made these values a lifestyle. In a word that is understandable to everyone, not necessarily from the fresh fashion vocabulary: mediterranean. To quote the two stylists who in collaboration with Martini created this sophisticated milanese lounge: “The talent of a designer is to create clothes that are understood”. With the Bar Martini they accomplished just that: sophisticated, beautiful, simple. An Italian-International style, serene, relaxed, laid back. A really beautiful garden, far from the sounds and traffic of the nearby Vittorio Emanuele and the tourism of via Montenapoleone.

Bar Martini

The aperitif is excellent, the chef is creative, often changing the taster menu. Flawless tip: remember to keep the olive tip in mind when trying the tasters. You’re Bond, James Bond. My favorite drink is the Milan, I’m not going to tell you about it, try it for yourselves. Flawless tip: try one. At the most two. At the third you’ll end up eating your guests’ olives, too. Rick Fishman teaches “A Martini is like a woman’s breast: one is not enough, three are too many.”

Bar Martini

Milan is not an immediately beautiful city, especially if you consider the competition with other Italian cities. Milan is hidden. Milan is Food&Beverage excellence. Milan is excellence in fashion and design. Beauty that must be understood, beauty that is awe inspiring. The Martini Bar fits perfectly fulfills these characteristics, that you must get to know it in order to live Milan impeccably.

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