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Il Baretto al Baglioni

An exclusive atmosphere, an address that perfectly embodies the concept of timeless elegance

It seems to take you back in time, entering into an exclusive atmosphere like that of an old English club house from the early twentieth century. The decor is distinctly British in style: dark wood walls and wallpaper in shades of green and gold, paintings depicting hunting scenes and country landscapes, Scottish carpets, leather chairs, boiserie, soft lighting and soft acoustics. A place that perfectly embodies the concept of timeless elegance: the Baretto, is the famous Milanese restaurant at the Carlton Hotel Baglioni.

Il Baretto al Baglioni - Milano

Born in Via Sant’Andrea, Il Baretto is in fact considered a historic place that is part of exclusive Milan. At those tables, generations of Agnelli, politicians, actors and influential personalities in the fashion world have sat down. Between one course and another, important love stories are born. Today all of this is located in Via Senato. An intimate place perfect for business meetings, but also for a romantic dinner. Also ideal for sipping a drink in a cozy, reserved and sophisticated environment. The proposal of wines and champagne is excellent with a wide selection. The cuisine is Italian, with mainly traditional Milanese dishes but also Mediterranean flavors.

Il Baretto al Baglioni - Milano

While waiting for your order, you should try an appetizer. The service is courteous, discreet and very thoughtful with the inevitable description of the dishes. Appetizers like chicken salad, octopus with potatoes, tartare. The quality of the ingredients is perceived right from the first bite. Tasty first courses such as ossobuco with risotto, linguine with scampi and zucchini, tagliolini. Equally exquisite second courses, sole with mugnaia, turbot, sea bass, but also fillet with green pepper and the classic cutlet. Each dish is a perfect combination of flavors, colors and fragrances. A complete sensory experience, a dinner that will please your palate and surprise your eyes.

Il Baretto al Baglioni - Milano

Il Baretto is one of those places that will take you back in time, when people really knew how to enjoy the best things in life. That place where it will always be a pleasure to come back. But these are things that are not told, they are experienced.

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