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Biffi Boutiques

The ultra chic multibrand store to find the perfect look for any occasion

“It’s not too early to shop, is it?” Biffi’s clock in the window on Corso Genova ticks 9:42. It’s Saturday morning and I kick start the day early with breakfast at the historic Bar Cucchi across the street.

Like a mermaid’s enchanting voice, the ultra chic multibrand lures me in. “Go on, there’s no harm in a little window shopping…” I tell myself, as I’m halfway through the door… word to the wise, “enter if you dare”! See, I knew it! It gets me every time because there’s no way you can leave empty handed.

Really though, between the latest designer brands and up and coming designers carefully selected by the family the shop is well equipped to encourage and inspire any self-respecting fashionista.

Maybe it’s the skillfully designed architecture at the hands of architect Gae Aulenti, that puts clothes and accessories in the spotlight. Or maybe it’s the staff that can, without fail, put together the perfect look for any occasion making you wonder, “Why isn’t it this easy when I’m crawling out of bed in the morning?” No worries. All you need is two or three artfully chosen basics and one top of the line piece – like, from an emerging designer – and you’ll be mixing and matching like the best of them. That is, if you don’t mind making even your trendiest friends jealous.

Just a personal tip: ask for Simona, we all know you can’t buy style, but with her as your personal stylist you can come pretty close!

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