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When self-care becomes an alluring and unforgettable experience

Yes, Blanche is considered a hair salon, but it’s so much more than that. It is an all-inclusive beauty parlor, a gift shop bursting with Milanese delicacies and curiosities, and a reference point for both established and aspiring beauty professionals.

Blanche - Milano

When Blanche calls itself a “Store and more,” they are speaking from the deepest place of sincerity. Blanche’s essence cannot be summed up in a single word or single glance. It must be lived. We must allow ourselves to fully experience the unique concepts of this store, tucked inside one of the more reserved streets in the Porta Venezia neighborhood. Blanche is here to be discovered, known, and loved, much like a beautiful woman. Produced by an all-female creative team, Blanche has gradually gathered the best beauty professionals and experts in Milan since its inception with the promise to provide only the best spa treatments and services.

Blanche - Milano

To give you an idea of the hair that passes through this boutique, the client portfolio is illustrious, including the Ferragni sisters (Chiara’s iconic pink hair is a Blanche signature). The opportunities for exclusive treatments, colors, cuts, and hairstyles are endless. They combine the most contemporary trends with the personality and desires of each client.

Blanche - Milano

And these self-care possibilities don’t just extend to hair, but also provide dedicated treatments for eyebrows, makeup, nails, and even curated specials for the manicured man. All offered in a retro space, an “old Milan” floor meets large mirrors, small armchairs, and display cases that we would like as furniture in our living rooms.

Blanche - Milano

Why go to Blanche? First and foremost, go to look and feel even more beautiful than you’ve ever imagined. But while passing through the shop area, you can’t help but bring home designer jewelry or a tech accessory as perfect gift options for your more sophisticated friends. All the pieces are on sale and carefully selected to blend perfectly with the immersive Blanche style. For beauty professionals, there is no shortage of licensed products synonymous with the utmost quality, from Oribe, Olaplex and R + Co to the more niche brands, and even styling tools that can’t be found anywhere else.

Blanche - Milano

Blanche is an alluring self-care experience that, once discovered, beckons you back time and time again. Although we fail to encapsulate this experience in a single definition, the store is authentically eccentric.

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