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Brera 13 Duomo

In the "Kitchen Room" an actual cook wows you with real shakes created for your hair's unique needs

“Moscow – New York – Dubai – London” in bold, gold letters on the black paneling behind the front desk of Brera 13 Duomo greet you as you walk in. This place even smells international! The sweet, barbie-like receptionist welcomes you in, and is the walking, talking version of the actual doll (the owner’s good luck charm) perched on the counter. Long, blonde hair, northern-type beauty and all.

A gold handrail – with matching red carpet – really stands out in via Cappellari urging you to sneak into this exclusive place at all costs, as if reserved only for the rich and beautiful. But luckily for us, Brera 13 Duomo, latest venue of the renowned florentine Hairstylist Serena Calvelli, is open to anyone wanting to go beyond the simple beauty concept. Thanks to the incredible location, the Hair Spa concept, in full swing in via delle Erbe 1, finds its perfect expression.

Taking time out for yourself is more impossible every day; city life can get crazy. But it’s something you’ve gotta do, for you. Make sure your phone is “off” before you go in – free your mind. Now you’ve got choices galore: lose yourself on level -1 in the huge array of face/body rituals or focus on hair on level 1? In the Hair Spa, also called “Kitchen room”, an actual cook (and what a cook!) wows you with real shakes – they look scrumptious – created for your hair’s unique needs. A massage on your temples with warm stones, you name it, you’ve got it. Sometimes it can be worth just going to have your make-up done. With the make-up station all lit up and the attention of the staff you’ll feel like a true diva.

Not to mention the tall, New York style windows, it’ll take you a sec to find your bearings on the way out!

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