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Brera 13 Erbe

A new concept of Hair Spa where your hair is the center of a ritual

There’s a road, in the center of Brera, so tiny you can hardly see it on a map but it’s stunning. That’s why you could easily miss the sign Brera 13 and the deceptively small salon hidden inside. Because actually, what you see, is just the styling room where hip music, bright colors, strange mirrors and designer footrests are just the beginning of a trip.

If you’ve come this far you’re now part of a new concept, the Hair Spa, where the client has the full attention of the creative team whose absolute priority is your wellness and relaxation. The Art DirectorSerena Calvelli – has a motto: “Your wellness is style” in this beauty temple at the heart of the district.

What’s really unforgettable is the entrance to the spa: a little, smokey black door opens into a calm room where your hair is the center of a ritual. How can you resist a head massage with minty shampoo while you’re surrounded by chromotherapy? Here, the VIP treatment will soothe your mind and get those creative ideas flowing.

Guys, get off your high horse – if you haven’t already done it – isn’t it your turn now? Have you ever been to a Hair spa? Try it, you might change your mind!

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