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Briscola – Pizza Society

A new addition to the pizza brotherhood in the city

Briscola – Pizza Society: the name alone suggests that there is something different about this pizzeria, which already has three locations, two in Milano and one in Florence.

Briscola - Pizza Society | Bis Piccole

I opted for the restaurant in via Fogazzaro, between Porta Romana and Piazza Cinque Giornate, but for those who can’t get there, there’s also a restaurant in via Piero della Francesca.

At the entrance you discover the friendly and informal atmosphere. Quality ingredients and preserving Neapolitan tradition take precedence here. Black walls with white lettering list the raw ingredients used, and recount the methods used as well as the local concept, giving the dining room a kind of easy street style that totally works.

Briscola - Pizza Society | Margherita

The concept of ‘brotherhood’ is reflected not just in the atmosphere, but also in the menu. Here we understand what distinguishes Briscola – Pizza Society from other pizzerias. How many times have you been unable to choose which pizza you feel like eating? Well, in this case the problem is solved because the menu offers both the traditional Neapolitan style pizza, here called ‘Pizza Profile’, which can be composed with any ingredients you choose (with or without mozzarella base). Then there’s the sharing menu which offers two smaller pizzas which come with a range of toppings to suit individual tastes, or for sharing with friends…

Briscola - Pizza Society

I opted for the ‘Pizza Sharing‘ and found it a great solution to try two different kind that I like without exaggerating: one with mortadella and pistachio cream and a more traditional version with buffalo mozzarella. Both very good and the portions were perfect.

Briscola - Pizza Society | Forno a Legna

The service – to keep the informal confraternity concept – allows you to order directly at the counter and then be served at the table shortly afterwards with really short waiting times, another positive note.

Briscola – Pizza Society is the right place for easy dinners with a group of friends.

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