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British Box

A little corner of London in the center of Milan

Still looking for last minute Christmas gifts? By now you’ve probably already gone through your shopping list, but now you’re struggling with that old conundrum – buying something for men. It’s always more complicated isn’t it? Don’t worry, we have the perfect place for you. This Christmas give a little bit of London without ever having to take a plane, with British Box.


British Box is a boutique founded over 25 years ago, which has since become a reference point in Milan for the excellent products made in England: perfumes, toiletries, tea, jam, leather-bound diaries, cufflinks, accessories and canvas prints.

Here you can find some of Britain’s best brands – from Penhaligon to Leathersmith, Murdock to Neal’s Yard Remedies. You can find Marmite, lemon curd and chocolates by Prestat. You can even find Simpkin’s Hangover Drops (who doesn’t need these, with all these Christmas dinners and party invites?).

British Box is the only place in Milan you can find Launer bags, universally known as the “LE” bags favored by Queen Elizabeth – the very same bag her cheeky granddaughter, Mia Tindall is stubbornly holding in the portrait taken by Annie Liebovitz on the Queen’s 90th birthday.


But the real delight here is the store’s vast selection of teas: green, white, black, flavored and breakfast, all available in different sizes. Some advice – take your time and get lost in the detailed histories of the items on offer, you will be amazed and enriched by it.

In short, a visit here will solve your gift-giving problems for your dad, boyfriend, mum, colleagues, aunts, friends, and so on. But a quick warning, you may find you find yourself addicted to shopping here well into the new year!

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