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Clori Home and Flowers

In a combination of plants, flowers and small, beautiful objects, you will find an oasis of greenery and beauty

There are those who say that plants are a bit like cats: you start with one, you want two and you tell yourself, why not, I could take care of another. This is only the beginning of a very green family … Here, in Milan the right place to start this infinite love story is Clori, in the beautiful and luminous piazza of Sant’Eustorgio. Where the chirping of a colorful parrot will greet you at the door as the tender mascot of the boutique.

Clori Home and Flowers - Milano

Here Francesca will welcome you with elegant simplicity and the professionalism of those who do not need to do too much to show that they know what they are talking about. He will tell you all the stories of what surrounds you in Clori: plants and flowers, but also furnishings, textiles, prints, candles, pillows and ceramics. In this boutique there is an encounter between materials with an unusual harmony, where the organic leaves and petals naturally pair with wood, glass and canvas. The colors, from lush green to natural shades of English watercolor, will give your tired eyes a fresh pause from the countless hours in front of the screen. Between raffia and light woods you will no longer be able to tell whether you are in Provence or in the Scandinavian lands.

Clori Home and Flowers - Milano

You can take home a small brigade of plants, along with the perfect furnishings to recreate a corner just for you, which every day will make you want to stop and take a breath, especially now that spring is upon us. By occupying yourself with these companions you will soon realize the almost ancestral satisfaction that comes from restoring care to nature that has nourished us every day for thousands of years. Not to mention the effect on the environment of your home. Think about entering a room without plants, now think about entering that same room with lush vases in the corners and vivid colors on the shelves. Now, you understand what I mean.

Clori Home and Flowers - Milano

Along with the plants, from Clori there is obviously a well-chosen selection of flowers. From the simplest wildflowers who inspire sympathy in their shyness to the exotic creatures that can only arouse our curiosity with their overseas royal names. You will want to fill the house with them but remember that flowers are also the most beautiful gifts, so much more precious precisely because they are ephemeral, and should be shared as a sign of love, joy and light to bring to the days of the people most dear to us. The packages of Clori’s are always fresh and modern in their being. They will be the perfect frame to help you identify yourself.

Clori Home and Flowers - Milano

If you want to bring Clori’s creations with you even in your most beautiful day, or in the home of your dreams, remember that your wishes will be satisfied even for everything concerning the preparation of events and the design of outdoor spaces. What are you waiting for? You too can fall in love with Chloris and bring new scents, colors, and a breath of freshness into your lives.

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