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Conch Sushi

A Japanese restaurant with a metropolitan atmosphere and modern design

Conch is a great sushi restaurant located in the Cenisio area. The sleek location, the space between one table and the other and the excellent mise en place contribute to create a very elegant atmosphere. The main hall overall look is the result of a teamwork of Milanese and Chinese designers. The dominant tone is gold that contrasts with the dark wood furnishings. What you feel upon entering is the preference for geometrical shapes and straight lines that give the hall symmetry and regularity.

Conch Sushi

The menu is, at first sight, huge but this abundance is not a synonym for sloppiness or lack of care, all the contrary. The richness of the menu represents the owner’s will to give the customer a complete offer, to grant him a total experience. There’s also a section devoted to the proposals of the chef, the home specials, with a wide choice of teppanyaki, carpaccios and tartares.

Conch Sushi

The food is presented on modern and elegant plates, each one of which is chosen for a different purpose, and the care in setting the table is really remarkable. Prices are honest, and the quality granted. We lost our mind over the salmon tartare with ponzu sauce, we loved the rice balls with a core of quail egg,  and the customizable uramaki with the possibility of choosing one kind of fish or rice over the other. Long story short, there are a lot of delicious dishes that you want to try, one better than the other. More traditional dishes, such as sashimi and cirashi, nigiri or temaki are all just as good and the same goes for tempura or udon.

Conch Sushi

Even the choice of wines and beers is meant for a clientele that prefers to enjoy their dinner and the atmosphere to the fullest over the quick formula of sushi on the go. This is a spot that could come in handy for a thousand reasons, we recommend that you save it up for some dinner spent chatting with friends in the early days of the week. During the weekend make sure to make a reservation, because otherwise you will have to wait for a table. And you don’t want to miss a sushi like this.

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