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D’O – Davide Oldani

Chef Oldani, pop kitchen and the harmony of contrasts

Davide Oldani’s D’O, in Conaredo, was a wonderful discovery. It is placed only a hundred meters away from the old Chef Oldani’s place, facing the beautiful square with St. Peter’s Church and has the same smell of genuinity of the Italian province. The new location is very different from the old one: the classic Lombard trattoria is disappeared and, in its place, there’s a modern, elegant space, but very essential and without any ostentation. The style is North-European, with big windows, delicate colors, a lot of wood and a open, visibile kitchen: a starred restaurant that feels like home.


The signature is of one of design’s masters, Pietro Lissoni, but the chef gave something too, personally designing tables, chairs, cutlery and glasses. The tables take inspiration from school desks, with a compartment in the lower part to put personal objects and the chairs have a purse-holder and a bowl to put your keys and phone in. For Oldani design must always meet functionality, the beautiful must be also useful.


In the new restaurant too, Oldani brings forth the philosophy of pop kitchen, based on the capacity of transforming ordinary and ofter humble products into haute-cuisine meals with brave and inventive reinterpretations. Every dish is a wonderful harmony of contrasts: sweet and salty, soft and crunchy, hot and cold, liquid and solid, innovative and traditional.


The welcoming and service are simply impeccable: the staff is careful, gentle and always smiling and the chef moves between the tables greeting his guests, explaining the meal and listening to their comments. Excellency is achieved only with constant self-improvement and the dialogue with the client is the very building material for those who want to always top themselves, even if they’re already at the top.

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