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Ecliss Milano

A place full of atmosphere to make your home magical

Let’s close our eyes. Let’s open them. Close them and open them again. We are in front of Ecliss, and it’s already magic. Ecliss’ magic lasts all year. It’s a shop that you can’t really define as a shop. All of the things inside are for sale, it’s true. But it’s also true that it doesn’t feel like a shop, it’s more a place where to enjoy the atmpsphere and imagine how that piece could be in your home, on your terrace or in the garden.

Ecliss Milano

At Ecliss everything seems possible. Haven’t we said it’s like magic or not? Living it by winter it’s like being in an actual Christmas village. In that time, a triumph of warm and elegant lights greets us and prepares us to the enchanted kingdom waiting for us on the inside. Expectations are high, as always at Ecliss.

Ecliss Milano

Christmas trees, covered in snow or green, are adorned with red, white, blue, golden or all the colors together (and yes, they totally suit with each other). They are tall as the ceiling or small like children, there are trees for every taste. And all of them look real, full of branches and leaves. The decorations abound. White and blue flickering lights, or red and yellow, set tables that make you feel like you’re on a movie set, life-sized polar bears, wickerwork reindeers. All of this is waiting for you.

Ecliss Milano

Santa Claus on a sleigh, small squirrels that shyly overlook the tall snow-covered trees. A hot air balloon that dominates the main room, at whose sides we find perfectly aligned soldiers, that seem to come from Buckingham Palace: every object here is truly unique, every detail conveys the warmth of the Christmas festivities, marked by the inevitable touch of Eliss, a mix between refinement and modernity. One can only remain enchanted and feel suspended between reality and spell.

Ecliss Milano

Going there on summer is less exciting (summer is less emotional than Christmas, isn’t it?) but just as striking. There are light wooden deckchairs, everything you need for picnics, from the basket to cutlery to bowls and candles and ornamental plants that seem to be in a small metropolitan jungle.

Ecliss Milano

Ecliss is really a magic place, one of Milan’s most flawless spots.

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