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Eral 55

Out of the box since its beginning

When you speak about Eral 55, you aren’t speaking of a regualar shop but of an institution. From its four windows at the corner between Corso Como and Piazza XXV Aprile, the shop and its founder, Ermanno Lazzarin, have seen Milan and its inhabitants change year after year. And many years passed. The 1976 is when the shop was founded, an year after the first collections of Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace. Milan was very different, at those times, and so was the shop, which was specialized in jeans and classic trousers.

Eral55 - Milano

It was with time that Eral 55 grew, evolved and became what it is now, consolidationg its identity with every year that came. It was in the ‘90sthat the shop’s scope became total, involving every piece of the man’s wardrobe, from the coat to the shoe. Did you know that it was Eral 55, in ‘92, that introduced the striped sock trend, borrowing it from the rugby world? The ‘90s were also the period during which the shop started collaborating with small and large enterprises to create its own productions. What is now Eral 55? A benchmark of Milanese style, a destination for all the city’s dandies that want to see the special touch of a precise personality on every garment. Besides the products of its own line, the shop sells many other brands, both Italian and international, and high-end vintage. Tailored clothes, precious and original cloths and customization services that produce design objects rather than simple clothing.

Eral55 - Milano

What the shop really sells is an aesthetic that doesn’t want to resemble anything but itself, in a constant dialogue with the international dimension, American but also Japanese, reinterpreting every proposal or idea in the light of the great Italian tailoring tradition: what arrives in the shop is subjected to processes of overlap, workmanship and finishings that cover each item of the unequivocal personality of the Eral brand 55.

Eral55 - Milano

With its very central position, its out-of-the-box thinking and its gentleman’s sports club vibe with old pictures on the wall, bikes hanging from the ceiling and worn-out carpets, Eral 55 is a place like no one else, worthy knowing, exploring and pillaging from the first shelf to the last.

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