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Street Food

Fratelli Ravioli

Chinese Street Food in Milan

A showcase overlooking Porta Genova, the small blackboard outside indicates its daily selection. Inside, a long narrow counter separates the hypnotic open kitchen where the chefs continuously smooth out the dough and measure out the filling with total efficiency and absolute dedication. Once you cross the threshold you are enveloped by an exotic atmosphere that catapults customers to the other side of the world.

Fratelli Ravioli - Torino

The menu of the Fratelli Ravioli is essential and rich at the same time, studded with various types of appetizers and side dishes. Including meat or vegetable baozi, edamame, vegetarian rolls, chive focaccia with shrimp, seaweed salad and miso soup.

Fratelli Ravioli - Torino

But the ravioli is the main dish, available in different variations from barbecued pork, to those with a more delicate flavor like scallop pulp or Cantonese-style squid. Taking explosive flavors from the sea and altering them in more traditional ways.

Fratelli Ravioli - Torino

All accompanied with a delicious Japanese or Chinese beerThe menu also offers typical desserts such as rice gnocchi with fried sesame, biscuits stuffed with soy beans, or yam rolls – perfect for finishing off your lunch or dinner.

Fratelli Ravioli - Torino

If you are feeling a little lazy and don’t want to go out, you can opt for home delivery. But we will say, tasting them in the restaurant has a completely different flavor.

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