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God Save the Food – Tortona

Simple menu, balanced for almost any diet you’re facing with that extra exotic touch

Finally the moment has arrived for “my two cents and more at lunch”. Under the word “skepticism” the Treccani (Italian Encyclopedia) has my face on it at the opening of the first God Save The Food.

It opened in via Tortona more than a few years ago.  At the time I was a fortunate employee at the court of Mr. Armani in Via Bergognone 59. (#Tip) This is where the commercial HeadQuarters is for the fashion house founded in 1975 by the stylist from Piacenza who – to mark 40 years of business – gave the City Council of Milan a museum of the House, Armani/Silos: definitely a Flawless visit.

In just a few meters, in the area of Tortona, apparently another shrine had been installed, but this time dedicated to food.  When it opened my colleagues begged me to abandon my Asian habit in favor of God Save the Food innovation.  (#Tip) via Tortona 2.  Basara Milano, sushi Patisserie.  Heavenly.  Behind the Sushi counter Hiro, ex Nobu.  In the kitchen a Japanese lady who runs the pastry kitchen and traditional foods.

The first impressions fooled me:  it seemed aseptic, cold, crowded and slow.  “I’m skeptical guys.  Are you sure?  It looks like a tourist cafeteria to me.” I give up.  I enter with my chest all puffed up and eager to unleash my “I told you so”.  It’s hate at first sight. During my time in the area I let them drag me there a few more times in a series of second chances: the service gets better.  The quality improves. The manager is a guy who you can’t help but notice: he knows what he’s doing.  In the end it won me over.

The reasons for making it onto the shortlist of places to keep on hand are simple.  I’ll list them in order of priority. Have you ever woken up at 3 p.m. after having generously divulged in the emotions of the night scene thinking: “And now where do I go to eat? At “God”, if you’re hungry, you eat.  Nobody’s gonna tell you it’s late, as if hunger had a curfew.  For me, who on Saturday and Sunday substitutes “brunch” with the more original invention of afternoon “brinner”, this is a precious resource.

At God Save the Food the menu is simple, flawless, balanced for almost any diet you’re facing.  And I know, you’re facing it, whoever you are, if you live in Milan, you’re on a diet.  Or you will be.  Or you have been on one or will again at some point.  They respect the gluttonous by dedicating one of the chef’s two hands to them, too.  The result at the checkout is a symbol of honesty and ethics in the jungle of predators that make up the seven palates that surround Madonnina & Co.

Smoothies, well-studied salads, Quinoa, exotic touches between Wok and Fajitas. (#Tip) “pro” are protein dishes, “veg” are vegetarian dishes, “om3 mega-hit of omega3. Concrete and without the frills.  They don’t boast about being interpreters of the figurative art of food and wine.  What they offer is solidity.

This summer Piazza del Carmine has granted it a place of honor for the second location of God Save the Food.  Weather permitting you’ll be able to eat outside pampered by the service and sacred charisma of the façade of Santa Maria del Carmine, from which one of the most beautiful spots in the city takes its name.

If it was a song it would be Solid Air by John Martyn.

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