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Grand Spa – Palazzo Parigi

Relax in the heart of Milan and drift away to a Moroccan-inspired world

Taking care of yourself is one of the secrets to a happy and long life. What better way to love yourself is there than indulging in some relaxing time at a spa in the heart of the city? Forget traffic, work commitments, and the day’s trials: in the Grand Spa of the Palazzo Parigi you are shut off from the outside world. That means no smartphones, tablets or notebooks.

Upon entering, you are immersed in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility: 1700 square meters of relaxing oasi. Attention to the smallest details guarantees maximum comfort. The lobby’s design is inspired by Arabesque arches and lanterns that encourage you to drift away to a Moroccan paradise, or you can book a spa in one of the seven internationally themed rooms (Bali, India, China, Sweden, Morocco, Polynesia). You can access the fitness area, or construct a personalized menu with Professor Nicola Sorrentino, a nationally-renowned nutritionist.

Palazzo Parigi Hotel - Milano

The Grand Spa Palazzo Parigi also offers a pool with counter-current as well as a wellness program that offers a sensory journey with a Finnish sasna, steam room, whirlpool, ice fountain, an emotional shower, and relaxation rooms. Mosaics, marble, perfume and relaxing sounds all come together to help you disconnect from every day stress.

One of the real highlights of the Spa is the Royal Hammam, a dive in the magical Moroccan atmosphere with a pool of 6 meters in marble and filtered light from the large windows. It’s a rejuvenating experience that relaxes both body and mind. On the last leg of the sensory journey is the Oasis, a health bar and restaurant. With decor inspired by Berber tents in the North African desert. It has stunning views of the interior patio and offers a buffet of tea and health drinks, dried fruit and light snacks to complete a journey that involves all the senses.

To guarantee maximum relaxation and ensure discretion, only a few reservations are accepted per day, allowing guests privacy and tranquility.

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