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Gucci Décor

A pop-up store dedicated to the collection of home furniture and accessories, displaying a dreamy atmosphere and floral patterns.

With hand painted ceramics, silk wallpapers, embroidered folding screens, and eclectic carpets worthy of Aunt Mame, every detail of Gucci Dècor embodies the dreamy yet refined aesthetics of Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director since 2015. Gucci Décor, a treasure chest full of wonders for your home, has opened its doors in Via Santo Spirito 19 for the Salone del Mobile.


The store, dedicated to the Gucci collection of home furniture and decor, has chosen Milan, the renowned capital of European design, as its base for the next month. Gucci Décor pursues the common theme threaded through the Gucci Garden in Florence, which combines the history of the famous fashion brand with the creations of Alessandro Michele, as well as the Gucci Wooster in New York, a former pencil factory turned exhibition space, where you can discover the latest collections amidst an interactive environment and contemporary art.


Gucci Décor, spanning two floors, maintains those same promises of the legendary brand. At the entrance, you are welcomed by two blue velvet armchairs with shell-shaped backrests, hand-embroidered folding screens with dreamy patterns, art deco lamps, and restored antiques given a new life. On the ground floor of the store, chairs, cushions, wallpapers, ceramics and accessories are concentrated in a single displayed exhibit. The offerings on the first floor serve the social spaces of the home, including the living room and dining room, elegantly furnished and adorned with Gucci tapestries.


For Alessandro Michele’s vision, the store had to appear to the general public as an elegant yet “guccified” Milanese apartment. He certainly succeeded in this undertaking, considering that the Guccification does not just end in the store. If you are unable to decide on a purchase, rather dissatisfied with the immersive experience, or just simply curious about other options, Gucci has decided to help you through the innovative use of augmented reality. By visiting the Gucci Décor section of the Gucci App, you can choose from an array of accessories, place them in real time in your home and make the final image display on the screen of your smartphone. Here, the photos can be saved, shared, or taken directly to the store for further guidance.


Every day, Gucci Décor awaits you in the elegant and crowded backdrop of the Milanese square, just a few steps from Montenapoleone. You will surely be in the company of curious people, tourists, and onlookers alike, so arm yourself with patience (and credit cards), but hurry! The store will only be open until June!

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