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Hotel Magna Pars Suites

A treat for all the senses

The Magna Pars Suites Milano is a treat for all the senses.

Let’s start with the sense of smell, because being the world’s first Hotel a Parfum is what makes this hotel simply transcendent – even amongst other luxury hotels in Milan. Built on the site of the Martone family’s former perfume factory, the Magna Pars Suites Milano prioritizes the olfactory – it’s something that’s glossed over by most hotel designers, but here, having been put front and center, it’s a revelation in terms of luxury.

Magna Pars Suites Hotel Milano

Entering the lobby feels like walking through a garden – there are overtones of soil, flowers, fruit, leaves. This carries through to each of the 39 suites, which have their own dedicated floral, woody or fruity theme (realized in the LabSolue laboratory). But you’re not in a garden. It’s almost a tromp l’oeil – or rather a tromp la nez.

Still, walking into the Magna Pars Suites is a visual treat in its own right. The common areas incorporate post-industrial elements from the factory it was built upon – exposed brick corridors, steel bannisters, imposing but elegant glass walls. The suites themselves are similarly minimalistic, yet luxurious. It’s all clean, crisp quality.

Magna Pars Suites Hotel Milano

Then there’s touch. The bed, its sheets, the towels – they are things you physically sink into. Softness is an important aspect of any luxury experience, but something that is too often overlooked.

Magna Pars Suites Hotel Milano

Taste is a sense easily indulged at the Da Noi In Restaurant, where executive chef Fulvio Siccardi prepares subtly reinterpreted and elegantly designed Italian dishes.

Magna Pars Suites Hotel Milano

And finally, we are left wondering how will our sense of hearing being indulged to this impeccably high standard. “Here is your room key, sir. We hope you have a lovely stay at the Magna Pars Suites”, the lovely concierge says to me. It is music to my ears.

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