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Drink Wine Bar

Il Malto e l’Uva

Where the good drinking is a lifestyle

In the Conciliazione area, just a few steps away from Piazzale Baracca, there’s a little wine shop that is a real jewel. The place was born from the passion of “two lovers of good wine”, as the two owners define themselves, that, united by passion for finding out the best vine varieties from all over Italy, decided to open Il Malto e l’Uva. A shop window on the sidewalk, two walls of shelves packed with hundreds of bottles divided by label, origin and typology. Right in the middle, a large counter where the customers can sit and drink their wine.


The owners are the strength of the location: available for every kind of advice, very prepared when it comes to drink, capable of satisfying even the most particular customer. The true value of their proposal is placed into the exceptional quality of their raw materials, that is grapes and malts. The result of this attention payed to materials is a careful selection of the best national vine varieties, of the best spirits and beers.


The research on the territory and the local productions makes this urban corner a true refuge for the wine lovers but not only for them, that here will discover always new labels and producers thanks to the constant update of the wine list. The best thing is to enjoy an offer so wide in full relax: the wine shop becomes a quiet living-room where you can sit at the counter and relax with your wine glass, with some appetizers proposed by the owners, always ready to chat with their customers.


The theme events are also worth mentioning too. They are organized to make the public discover some particular product, as simple tastings or as actual classes. There’s nothing amiss in this little, gracious place. Come drink in here your next glass of wine and you’ll discover something special.


Photo credit © Il Malto e L’Uva

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