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Innocenti Evasioni

Conversation, peace and relax in one the most beautiful zen gardens in Milan

There are three things particularly difficult to do in Milan: book a nice restaurant with a garden, book a good, traditional italian restaurant, find a girlfriend. Well, Flawless Milan has the solution to 66.6% of your problems. The ones that cans be solved, that is. When you figure out the third, at least you’ll know where to take her to dinner to pop the question: Innocenti Evasioni. Summer: conversation, peace and relax in one the most beautiful zen gardens in Milan. Winter: conversation, peace and relax looking out on one of the most beautiful zen gardens in Milan, reminiscing the summer gone by, tasting the one to come.

You’ll enter the home of Tommaso Arrigoni – the chef, a Michelin star – and Eros Picco. Often, Tommaso personally welcomes you. He will prepare for you his very personal cuisine made of pure seasonal quality. He often changes the menu, the only stamp of guarantee. Treviso radicchio in July, is not cool and not alternative, it’s rotten. His cuisine is concrete, direct, real just like him. He doesn’t need to please everyone. He doesn’t demand that. There are those that don’t like his cuisine, who expect extravagance, something unusual. His Michelin star doesn’t mean he has to be eccentric, just like fashion doesn’t mean excess.

Chef Arrigoni wants to be, establish, evolve with coherence. And it is in this sense that he’s Flawless, being able to be is Flawless. A cuisine that is fully aware, not to be confused with arrogance or presumption. Plates that are studied at 360 degrees, taking into consideration the entire sensory experience which exalts the flavors. Whether you are experts or you want to make the diners believe you are, the advice is to abandon all aspiring desires to be sommelier and let yourself be guided by His conscience. In fact the cellar, directly managed by the Chef, is built to exalt the flavors of the plates of which it plays an important role.

If you abandon the rigid metropolitan ways, you’ll discover the sensitivity of a cook who is capable of understanding your particular needs, in that moment. Tommaso will listen to you and understand how to delight your senses, let him guide you. If we think of the Italian renaissance of the ’60s, la dolce vita, the power of sensuality, the joy and liberty of the years that made Italy a cinematographic work of art, we could probably proudly leave – for a night – sushi and hamburgers to those who are in a hurry, enjoying our time, forgetting the hustle and bustle of international Milan.

The song: “Innocenti Evasioni” by Lucio Battisti

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