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Insieme Restaurant

In Milan dreams do come true: here is the story of Alessandro and Federica together for a common goal

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From the spontaneous and curious encounter of two opposites, only something good can be born. When different realities confront each other in an open and sincere dialogue, the result is always change, evolution, creation of something that was not there before and that, in itself, is unique and special.

From a fascinating mix of opposites comes the Insieme Restaurant which, in its essence, reveals a young couple’s love for the world of gastronomy and represents the realization of a shared professional ambition, as well as an idea of life: “Insieme is the maximum expression of what we are, it is the project that allowed us to crown our dream: to spend the days together, working for what we love. Insieme is the dream we dreamed of during our few spare moments, often spent at a restaurant table or at our house in front of a nice glass of wine and a dinner prepared by Alessandro. We save all the important conversations for dinner, is it a coincidence? The love for food and for catering has united us and tied us more and more.”

Insieme Restaurant - Milano

These are the words of Federica Caretta who since January 2019 manages the Insieme Restaurant with her partner, chef Alessandro Garlando. The restaurant is located in Via Giovanni Rasori 12, between Pagano and Conciliazione, in a chic and elegant residential area, located in the vicinity of Corso Vercelli.

Opposites, they have been influenced by Northern and Southern Italy with walls contrasted between light blue and pastel pink, cuisine made of classicism and innovation, loyalty to the territory and international sensitivity. A high level of gastronomic experience is appreciated even more for its clear language and minimalist style, cared for in every detail. A fine and sophisticated hand that knows how to play with taste with strong flavors; a rich, multifaceted and prestigious formation for a young chef with a dynamic and eclectic personality. In the room, precision, care and dedication arrive with grace, accompanied by kindness and gentleness.

Insieme Restaurant - Milano

Alessandro Garlando was born in Milan in 1991 and approached the profession of chef during his high school years, almost by chance: “I decided to take this path without really knowing what I was up against. I was intrigued by the possibility of having a trade in hand and that of traveling; not to mention that the kitchen had always been a constant element in my childhood and growth in the family.”

Alessandro’s journey began at Villa Crespi next to Antonino Cannavacciuolo, conveying the link with the territory and the importance of raw materials. After a brief period spent alongside Matias Perdomo, Alessandro worked for two years with Elio Sironi, who revealed the secrets for a kitchen geared towards the customer’s experience. At Armani / Ristorante, with Francesco Mascheroni and Filippo Gozzoli, Alessandro has the opportunity to confront himself with a cosmopolitan audience and try his hand at cuisine with experimentation and character. The meeting with Jason Atherton in London will strengthen Alessandro’s idea of ​​starting a business project: “During this experience I was […] taught the importance of a corporate and global vision and of the many aspects that, parallel the kitchen in itself, bring a restaurant to success.”

Insieme Restaurant - Milano

Federica Caretta was born in Puglia in 1993 and met Alessandro in Milan, after moving to the city to study business management at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. After completing her university courses and internship, Federica decided to follow her passion for the world of food and turn it into work. Thus, in addition to being fascinated by the lively and kaleidoscopic scene of Milanese restaurants, Federica decided to open her own blog first and then to approach the role of a dining room in a starred restaurant.

“Thanks to this experience I realized that my place would have been in a restaurant, my own restaurant […]. I like to compare the dining service to a theater show that is staged every night and that every night will be different because there will be different people with whom you will have the opportunity to interact, as will be their needs and their stories. The adrenaline that the service gives you every time is vital, it’s pure energy.”

Insieme Restaurant - Milano

Insieme Restaurant offers an essential menu, which includes, in addition to the four-course tasting menu, a selection of 12-14 dishes, divided between starter and main course, plus a special of the day. The menu changes frequently depending on the availability and seasonality of the products, in line with a cuisine that favors the freshness of raw materials. The link with the territory is also evident by the interior design, in which furnishings and finishes made by local artisans stand out, such as the large table in fir wood and the dishes for the service signed by Franco Fasano, a well-known ceramist from Grottaglie.

Insieme Restaurant - Milano

Insieme Restaurant is a young and dynamic concept that comes from a virtuous meeting of opposites. It is a common vision that makes a fluid and harmonious synthesis between the different elements possible. “We are here to stay,” confesses Federica. This is a promise and we believe it.

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