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Lido di Cernobbio

Relaxation, sounds and flavours

Lake Como. Cernobbio. Top tourist destination. Now take away the tourists and imagine a place to soothe the senses. A place surrounded by greenery, overlooking the Como branch of the lake, the town of Como flanked by the small peaks and heights nearby, Brunate and Monte San Maurizio. A place where the only noise comes from the lapping of the lake’s waters and the peaceful Villa Erba gardens. You are in Piazza Risorgimento, at Number 5, perhaps even in the Olympic-style swimming pool, or if not, in a pool long enough to make you swim to your heart’s content, but without the risk of grazing your knees or your fingers due to lack of common sense; for common sense, my dear ladies and gentlemen, is in large supply around here, together with a taste for what is beautiful. You are in the Lido of Cernobbio, undisputed paradise of relaxation for everyone, including those who cannot live without their technological gadgets.

Lido di Cernobbio - Como

Sunbeds, umbrellas and gazebos are equipped with Wi-Fi sockets and power points. No chance of running out of  juice or Gigabytes then, even by the pool and in every single corner of the spectacular lakeside solarium. The little ones can have fun in their small elliptical pool, far enough so as not to disturb anyone.

Lido di Cernobbio - Como

There is also a bar area, reminiscent of the top beaches of Ibiza and of the Greek islands. This is where the young chef of the Lido has devised a 24/7 list of dishes, i.e. his very own Street Food Menu: delicious sandwiches, wraps, toasties and salad dishes, including fruit and vegetable juices designed to satisfy your desire for something good and healthy whenever, wherever and whichever way you want it.

After 7 p.m. the place turns into a lounge bar where you can enjoy an excellent aperitif, sip a cocktail or just drink one of several nectars of Bacchus available from the Lido’s own wine cellar, all accompanied by the sound of the DJ Set until after dinner and beyond.

Lido di Cernobbio - Como

Don’t worry if you are looking for something more substantial. The Lido’s restaurant offers various outdoor and indoor spaces, with varying degrees of privacy to fit the occasion. A rich and varied menu is available for both lunch and dinner, gourmet pizza included. The chef’s philosophy is to use only fresh, high quality ingredients, cooked on the spot in order to produce really outstanding dishes. But what about the menu? Traditional local dishes are the obvious choice, like perch risotto, buckwheat tagliatelle with Missoltino (dried shad, a fish typical of Lake Como). Fish lovers can have croakers, octopus, botargo, and bream as well as the catch of the day from the market. There is also top quality beef (including Angus) whose origin is recorded. There is a great variety of wines and desserts, all flawless. You will just be spoiled for choice with this selection of all-Italian sweet delicacies and wine labels (with the exception of Champagne, of course).

Now then, are you getting bored? Great! The Lido of Cernobbio is also offering swimming and yoga lessons, all given by the best local pros. Just ask and you shall receive.

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