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Marghe – Via Plinio

Love at first slice

Between us and Marghe it was love at the first slice. The way this place tells about Italy is never tiring or banal. The true essence of Italy lies in the cult of simplicity, of our territory’s beauty and in the natural goodness of its fruits. Marghe gets this concepts and exalts it to perfection and as a result is one of the best of its narrators.

Marghe | Pizza Margherita

Simple, good things make their appearance on the rustic wooden tables, placed with art in a space that looks and feels very contemporary, friendly and essential, but never forgetting its origins, celebrated with the original floor decorations that are reminiscent of luminous, ancient cloisters and colored majolicas, becoming the symbol of a sincere attachment to its origins, traditions and country.

Marghe | Tavoli

We love Marghe because mixes tradition and innovation. Inside the menu, among classic preparations there are proposals closer to the modern tastes and habits, like the vegan pizzas, which is different every month, or the seasonal pizza of the week.

Marghe | Tavoli

We love Marghe because it’s genuine. Every pizza follows the old customs: the dough is raised at room temperature for 48 hours and prepared with the “Petra1” flour from Molino Quaglia, it is light and tasty, packed with fibers, vitamines and mineral nutrients. The pizza is cooked in a brick oven with wood exalts its refined mosaic of scents, flavors and colors. The quality shines even in the ingredients, among which stand out the yellow Serbo tomatoes, the organic Guglielmini olive oil and the delicious local mozzarellas of Orobianco Milano.

Marghe | Sala

We love Marghe because it’s convivial. After the pizza, do not miss a couple of shots, just to close the evening #theitalianway. The staff is young, friendly and able to combine attentive service, care, passion and ease.

Marghe | Tavolo

For the most hungry, the menu proposed different appetizers and side dishes while you wait for your pizza. There are salads if you feel like having a light dinner or if you wanna explore the veggie alternatives. Dessert and fruit will satisfy even the sweetest teeth (you absolutely have to try their tiramisu, by the way) and the same goes for the wines, from the Milanese cellar of Nettare dei Santi, and the beers, crafted by Pavia’s Birrificio Opera.

Marghe | Piatto

We love Marghe because it is another name for conviviality. Don’t lose any more time and come have dinner here. You’ll fall in love for sure.


Photo credit © Marghe

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