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The traditional Milanese bread like you've never seen it before

Fresh from its opening in January 2017, Michetta’s promises to reinterpret the traditional concept of the Milanese stuffed bread roll in a way you’ve never tried before. The key is its base – the Michetta – the traditional bread of Milan. Crispy on the outside soft on the inside and of course super crumbly.

The Michetta is the only bread that has obtained the “De.Co” certification as being from the city of Milan. The title is generally conferred upon traditional gastronomic products. Michetta’s is operated by “sandwich maestro” who never knew how to turn down this delicious sandwich. Here at Michetta’s there are over forty mouth-watering made with different ingredients – salumi, meat, fish or vegetables. All of these are characterised by the perfect harmony of flavors of the base ingredients as well as the sauces and the spices.

Michetta's Milano

If this abundance creates indecision, you can always go down the simple route of meat and cheese, and there are also mini versions for those who are trying in vain to diet, or for those who want to eat them compulsively. If you’re feeling creative you can also compose your own recipe by selecting the available ingredients a la carte. Who knows, maybe your creation might end up with you earning a sandwich named after you.

If you want to commit the vaguely criminal act of foregoing bread, you can also enjoy salads here (both hot and cold), or you could go the other way and try one of the surprisingly delicious sweet bread rolls. Whatever your tastes or dietary requirements, Michetta’s has you sorted.

Michetta's Milano

It’s surprising that nobody had considered this concept before in this kind of style. Usually new restaurants are too obsessed with discovering something new, rather than trying to reinterpret a great tradition. The food from Michetta’s is authentic, simple, fresh and great to share with the people you love.

Michetta’s is located only a few steps away from the Politecnico university, on a quiet but bright corner. The store has been crated with refinement and attention to detail. The michettas themselves are displayed on a countertop while a blackboard shows the sandwich of the day. Something new is offered every day, but something fresh sourced from Lombardy’s best suppliers.

Michetta's Milano

The atmosphere is always super friendly and you can easily find room to sit. If you’re there for a lunch break you’ll realise that the Michetta’s team is always calling their customers by name, and that it doesn’t take long to become a regular here.

Michetta’s serves more than just lunch, offering dinner and aperitivo. If you want to start your day just right, you can also pass by here for breakfast. They serve croissants with Nutella and a dozen different types of coffee. Michetta’s also delivers. It could be the perfect spot for your next lunch break between meetings, an impromptu snack with the kids, or for a quick dinner before the cinema, or a cheeky reward after the gym.

With the best ingredients, the freshest bread, an enticing baked bread scent, Michetta’s has become one of our favourite snack places in Milan. Città Studi and the Ventura Design District now have their own reference point for gourmet sandwiches!


Photo Credit: Federica Santeusanio

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