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The new green Cocktail & Tapas Bar in the center of Monza

A summer Sunday, slow awakening and holiday air. Face crumpled from the pillow, you get up only to prepare a good coffee. After the first sip, we drag ourselves to the window, cup in hand and sleepy look. Outside, Milan is already in turmoil; so awake, lively, active and industrious … no, maybe today we are not really in tune. While wondering if it’s the right day for a relaxing break out the door, the phone rings: “I would like to take a ride at the park this afternoon. you know, something easy and quite. Then we can also stop for an aperitif, tonight they make live music at MossMonza“. Well, the trip out of town will have been destiny.


If Monza is a gem, the Moss is the precious stone of its nightlife. It could be an emerald, since the key is green here: green is the moss-style wall that inspires the name of the place and that, from behind the bar counter, guides us to the discovery of unique creations, fresh, lively and seek; green is the wise bonsai olive tree that separates the two rooms and that in the evening is illuminated by art, infusing a fascinating allure from the suspended bohemian flavor into the environment; green is the soul of a local that, through its paper, wants to celebrate the authenticity of raw materials, the purity of the ingredients and the respect of their processing; emblematic in this sense is the signature cocktail Moss, which, described as the synthesis of Earth, Air, Water and Fire, becomes the most expressive manifesto of this enchanted place.


The art here is found not only in the elegance of the environment and in the name of the creations, but also in the excellence of the preparations: at Moss, creativity, passion and experience blend skillfully between the mind and hands of barman Giovanni Liuzzi, Italian cocktail champion in 2018, which won the prestigious Campari Prize, covered by 1500 competitors. For the more curious and / or undecided, a good “barman do you” here is a must.


A rich program of events animates the evenings at Moss: if Sunday is dedicated to live music, on Thursdays calls all the followers of the hashtag #ThursdayIsTheNewFriday to invite them to dance and have fun sipping sophisticated drinks.


In times of aperitif, lunch and dinner, Moss offers a rich menu of tapas designed to encourage sharing in a chic and informal atmosphere. Original and effective presentation, in authentic Moss style, revisits the traditional Spanish recipes with class and personality, preserving their character and essence. We recommend Pulpo alla Gallega, which, lying on potato chips cut into thin discs, leaves behind a bit of Iberian rusticity to conquer with sophistication even the most Milanese. Concluding in sips of gin and live music, our Sunday out door has only left us the desire that it is weekend again; even better… Thursday?


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