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Palazzo Parigi

Italian taste meets French sophistication

“Space, light, order: These are things men need as much as bread or a place to sleep”, said master architect, Le Corbusier. These are things Palazzo Parigi provides in abundance.

As we pass through its majestic entrance, we stand open-mouthed. We gaze over the airy space, 12 meters high, with natural light coming in from above. It’s almost heavenly. A winding Carrara marble staircase, a crystal chandelier, white and pink marble floor, and then statues, plants and works of art hang on wood-paneled walls.

The hotel’s architecture is the result of the meticulous work of the architect Paola Giambelli, and her collaboration with world-renowned interior designer, Pierre Yves Rochon. They have worked together to to create a winning combination. It’s a place where Italian taste and craftsmanship meets the style and grandeur of French palaces. It’s a refined pairing that is never banal.

Palazzo Parigi Hotel - Milano

Deluxe Corner Room

Built on the site of the Palazzo Kramer, an eighteenth century building that was bombed during the Second World War and then converted into a bank, the Palazzo Parigi took 5 years to construct and only opened its doors in 2013. Spanning eight floors (with a ninth under construction), secluded gardens, 65 rooms (33 of those being suites), a Grand Spa, an amazing bistro, a gourmet restaurant and it is a symbol of Milanese luxury.

Palazzo Parigi is not only meant for travelers passing through, but for local Milanese as well. It offers Caffé Parigi, which is perfect any time of day, whether you choose to have an elegant breakfast, a business lunch, or tea, where you can taste the finest blends and, before 31 December, enjoy a selection of Ladurée Macarons.

Palazzo Parigi Hotel - Milano

Suite Duomo

The attention to detail is carried through from the common areas into the rooms. Each one is different from the other, and are tailored to the traveler. There is marble, works of fine art, refined woods, and unmissable city views. The Palazzo Parigi’s strong point is the latter. Terraces offer panoramic views of the Duomo, the dome of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and the Sforzesco Castle, as well as the Porta Nuova skyline.

Palazzo Parigi is not only one of the most luxurious hotels in Milan, but it is also a masterpiece of style, architecture, and good taste, where you can spend a few hours relaxing in the Grand Spa or enjoy a drink after a hard day’s work.

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