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Palazzo Segreti

A gem nestled among the buildings of the center

There is a magical place in Milan that overlooks Via Dante, a stone’s throw from Piazzale Cordusio on one side and Piccolo Teatro Grassi on the other. A little further on, the Madonnina del Duomo is shining in the sun, while the crowds of tourists swarm around the gates of the Castello Sforzesco. We are downtown, we are in the middle of the art and the beauty, we are at Palazzo Segreti.

Palazzo Segreti - Milano

Palazzo Segreti is a beautiful boutique hotel that has nothing to do with those gargantuan hotels where hundreds of tourists stay once at a time. What Palazzo Segreti offers is an exclusive, selected and highly personalized experience of luxury and refinement, in the setting of a beautiful period building with eighteen rooms developed on four floors, each one different from the other, making the hotel look like a home.

Palazzo Segreti - Milano

It is precisely this familiar spirit, combined with the desire to guarantee maximum pleasures and comforts to its guests, that most characterizes the hotel. A service that is tailored on each individual customer like a suit. The small number of rooms means a type of approach to the customer that is more a human relationship than a professional service, all in the name of the top quality of the offered service.

Palazzo Segreti - Milano

Ancient soul but modern outlook, therefore, is the winning formula applied to all the rooms, divided into Superior Design, Junior Design Suites and Unique Design Suites, each one unique and customized with different materials and colors. However, two common denominators that remain the same through the succession of styles and furnishings are the aesthetics, based on the use of raw materials, soft lighting and warm tones of the parquet, and the modernity of the furnishings and services.

Palazzo Segreti - Milano

In addition to the concierge service, always available to provide all information about what is happening in Milan, including exhibitions, shows, bars and restaurants in vogue and every other exciting novelty, the hotel offers guests a refined lounge space, decorated with wonderful works of art and also perfect for business meetings. Do not overlook the beautiful Winery that is located inside the hotel and where guests can taste wine glasses coming only from selected producers accompanying them to cold cuts and typical cheeses. And for breakfast we have a daily renewed offer of strictly organic products, cakes and fresh brioches.

Palazzo Segreti - Milano

In short, Palazzo Segreti is a real gem with a thousand facets set among the most beautiful buildings in the center. Staying in it  means experiencing something totally different from the classic hotel experience you’re used to: intimacy, ad hoc services and attention to detail are not just buzzwords but concrete realities, realized in every detail you will encounter.

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