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Seasoned meats, handmade tortelli and all the best Emilia Romagna has to offer

Parma, as we all know, is a city renowned for its long tradition in the production of cold cuts, but, like all cities in the Emilia region, also for its incredibly rich culinary culture. Now, the gastronomic tradition of Parma moves to Milan with Parma&Co. What is it? A little delicatessen in Brera, where wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano and hams hang from the walls and ceiling greeting you along with slicers that frame a small ambient cured to the slightest details.


In Parma & Co you can buy high-quality salumi and many other products of Emilian tradition: fresh pasta, aged cheese, seasonal desserts, wines and stewed fruit. marinated vegetables and vinegars. Be careful: since all the products are artisanal there’s a chance you may not always find them, just like old times. Among the other things, you can buy gift boxes to compose as you prefer and a home-delivery service.


Parma&Co. is also a restaurant. Nothing too formal, just a simple typical osteria with the freshest products. Besides actual salumi, there are first courses options that include an always new daily special (including handmade tortelli), traditional second courses, both hot and cold, salads and fresh desserts. There’s also a section of the menu devoted to suggested tastings: the seasoned cold cuts are truly transcendental, especially when paired with the gnocco fritto.


The tables are small, simply set and many of the materials, from the place mats to the menus, are entirely recyclable. If you want you can sit at the counter that, through the window, overlooks the corner between Corso Garibaldi and Via Tessa. During the warm season, there are also seats on the outside, under an umbrella that protects from the sun, where you can enjoy your food seated on wooden benches.


Parma&Co. is a place that will cheer you up, if you’re food lovers. Nothing better than the tasty Emilian gastronomy to fill the misty winter days. If you want to fully enjoy the experience, go for the Sunday brunch and you will never want to leave.

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