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Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo

The Neapolitan tradition in town for a state-of-the-art pizza

The Neapolitan tradition made its way in town and a huge step forward was made when, a while ago, arrived one of the Italian pizza master: Gino Sorbillo. And we are just so happy about it!

More than other dishes, the pizza depends on the personal taste. Nowadays, it is said that the pizza must be lighter, more digestible, with dough risen for a long time and made with no less than five kind of flours, ingredients protected by the Slow Food safeguard and much more. In conclusion, we succeeded in making sophisticated even that dish that naturally flows in our veins since ever: the happiness of eating a pizza at home, while watching a football match, preparing it with your own children, buying a slice while walking or at the beach, a bun during the happy hour.

Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo

Largo Corsia dei Servi, a corner in the heart of the town not in a crossing point, hosts the Milanese headquarters of Sorbillo, the historical Neapolitan pizzeria situated in via dei Tribunali in Naples. In addition to having a beautiful family history, fulfilled with loved ones and generational transfer of traditions and passions, Gino continued and developed the research on the dough and ingredients employed. While remaining a mass production (everyday are made more than one thousand pizzas), the quality levels reached are really high. This is possible thanks to a constant research and care when choosing the raw ingredients, respecting the processing times and keeping in mind that pizza is also an art.

Here therefore in the happy trattoria in the city centre, you can taste pizzas made with biological flours, without rising agents nor agents to make them softer. Some doughs are made only with 0 type flour, some others with a mix between 0 type flour and whole-wheat flour combined with starter. Never be missing are some Italian famous excellence, like the San Marzano D.o.p tomato, the little yellow tomato cultivated on the slopes of the Somma – Vesuvio complex and the small tomatoes from the piennolo of Casa Barone D.o.p. The dairy products rigorously come from the low Italian boot, where Gino in person went to find the best producers for his pizzas.

In the Antica Margherita, we found the fiordilatte mixed with buffalo milk “Il Casolare”, in the Margherita Bufala DOP, the buffalo milk mozzarella Dop from the Cooperativa “Le Tre Terre di Don Pepe Diana” and the Parmesan cheese Malandrone 1477, in the Margherita dedicated a Bottura, the Conciato Romano, the most ancient cheese in Italy. The pizza is cooked in a wood-burning oven and…get ready for a humongous portion! For those usually worried by the heaviness of the Neapolitan dough, I assure you that in this case you will have a super thin pizza, not pressed crunchy, but soft, in certain points more coloured on the crust. You can see a thriving pizza, with perfumes intense and genuine from our Country.

Good feelings at Sorbillo’s home.

Photo credit: Giuseppe Ippolito

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