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Pourquoi Pas

A delicious design shop soaked with passion

Entering Pourquoi Pas, in via Tito Speri 1, right behind Corso Como, means opening up your mind to the fantastic world of Francesca Meana, the young owner, a universe imbued with art, design, photography and craftsmanship down to its bones. Paper designer by vocation, Francesca created a charming ambience around her, a space that makes one curious, one of those realities so rare to find that bewitches you when you find one.

Pourquoi Pas Lab - Milano

Neatly divided in two separate spaces, Pourquoi Pas puts together in its creative universe Puorquoi Pas Design, the exposition space where the customers are greeted in, and Pourquoi Pas Lab, the adjacent workshop, where everything happens and the explosion of ideas goes from chaos to actual creation, through a series of intermediate stages that enrich the final result, that unique piece created especially for you.

Pourquoi Pas Lab - Milano

The minimalistic furniture, a perfect mix of nordic and Mediterranean style, embellish a space that in general feels extremely welcoming, that oozes with passion for detail and a great care for the customers. The result is a suggestive atmosphere, made unique by the birch logs that frame a small fireplace, in front of which two seats and a little table greet the guests and invite them to take their time to look around, observe and be listened.

Pourquoi Pas Lab - Milano

Francesca’s passion for paper is inherited from her father, since the time she was a child that played with the boxes that her family’s factory produced for over 100 years.Then came the decision to exploring the depths of this art, to arrive to the knowledge of the infinite applications and nuances that this material can give back to those who aren’t lacking fantasy and good will. Today, Francesca can make anything out of paper: entire settings, packagings and wonderful stories.

Pourquoi Pas Lab - Milano

Pourquoi Pas really deals in everything: from foulards in a jar, that come in wool viscose or silk voile, created from the photographies taken by the designer, to jewels, mini-planners and even Francesca’s paintings, unique backlit paper pieces that will leave you breathless. Out favorite piece? Star in a Jar: a delicious glass jar full of surprises (and answers) that creativity and passion of this incredible artist.

Pourquoi Pas Lab - Milano

But there also are collaborations with other contemporary artists like Riccardo Raul Papavero and Stefano Bolcato, that fit perfectly in Francesca’s world, extending its offer with their creations, paintings that perfectly mirror the fantasy of their creators. These aren’t the only artists whose works you will find exhibited at Pourquoi Pas. The works and the collaborations will keep on piling up and increase, following a project of continuous rotation and evolution.

Pourquoi Pas Lab - Milano

Stop by this delicious design shop, where you can find the most original ideas for your Christmas’ gifts, for your house or your everyday life. And maybe it will make you want putting yourself back at work with the project you postponed for so much time. Passion opens the mind and it’s contagious. It happened to us, we’ll wait to see what you think.

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