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Raw – Cabinet de Curiosités

A Wunderkammer in the heart of Milan

In Corso Magenta, nestled between the beautiful buildings of the historic Milanese center, is Raw, a cabinet de curiosités – as the sign says – where you can rediscover decor inspiration for your home or simply get lost (and then find yourself again) in a scenario of objects and furniture accessories for a thousand and one nights.

RAW Cabinet de curiosités - Milano

The concept was born from Costantino Affuso and Paolo Badesco, who, passionate about design and architecture research, design and craft products for their customers through a continuously transforming story. The location overlooks Corso Magenta and the courtyard of an old building that contains beauty and charm of past Milanese architecture, when patios and internal gardens reflected the elegance of the inhabitants.

RAW Cabinet de curiosités - Milano

The inside of the store resembles an apartment, developed on several floors with rooms that each tell a different story through personal interpretations of the living theme, taking great attention to the care of the mise en scène in the smallest details. The eye of the curious customer is attracted by a multitude of objects and accessories ranging from the most ancient and vintage style to the more modern and shabby ones. Colors, materials, and shapes are combined in a wide range of products, made by artisans and experts of Italian and international origin.

RAW Cabinet de curiosités - Milano

The different rooms offer ideas for every environment, exterior and interior, with an eye to the refined taste of the owner and founder of the brand who, though playing on his idea of ​​”home design”, experiments different combinations to satisfy even the most complex tastes. This explains why retro wooden furniture is combined with wrought iron furniture and colorful signs are inspired by ancient kitchen and dining room decor. Tablecloths, sheets and colored fabrics blend with the clean, minimal lines of Nordic-inspired accessories that reflect the warm light of vintage chandeliers.

RAW Cabinet de curiosités - Milano

The everchanging inspirations are redefined over time thanks to Paolo Badesco and his team of expertise. From time to time they change the space, proposing an ever new narrative of style that follows the seasons, to amaze and give a feeling of suspense to his customers on a journey of design around the world. Raw appears as a “house of wonders”, where time has stopped and the only hands to be observed are those of the watches on display. A place to breathe the atmosphere of a dream home, find the right inspiration and enjoy a shopping experience that will soon become difficult to give up.

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