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The most original stationery items in town

The year was 2006, in Brera’s historic centre, what we could define as one of this city’s most original stationery shops took life: Rigadritto. This name, which in Italian means: “Behave,” dissonates with the sudden desire you feel after you’ve entered of running up and down for the shop, to snoop around among the many objects filling the room’s bookcases, tables and shelves.


High ceilings, wood darkened by time and terracotta tiles bring back the ancient shop past of the space, which attracts not only long-time guests, but especially passers-by who are entranced by the large windows facing the street and the creaking of the staircase that brings to a lovely mezzanine. The sign over the entrance is the way Rigadritto presents itself: white and green characters recall the free hand writing, but are inserted in a typical Art Noveau wrought iron frame.


Inside a playful, funny atmosphere gets to children and adults alike: vintage toys, car models, pencases, trousses, stationery, cards of every kind and shape blend together in a triumph of colors and fantasies, where paper is the undisputed star. Here’s the paradise of the lovers of organization, that will find sticky notes, original paper clips and rubber bands, stickers for every whim and much more. Rigadritto is the right answer to those times when we have an hard time picking a gift: the sobriety of stationery items for offices and hard workers alternates with the playfulness of copybooks, reminders, diaries, block notes and notepapers for travelers and daydreamers.


The owners of this pleasant universe for all ages keep their proposal innovative thanks to their travels, from which they draw inspiration, collecting always different objects and gadgets to put up on their shelves. It’s worthy of mention the possibility to receive what you prefer even from afar, thanks to a delivery system that goes beyond the geographical limits of the city with shipments coming from all over Italy.


Rigadritto is a destination outside the usual shopping routes, that surprises us every time: a stationery shop that doesn’t offer simple stationery items but fancy goods for everyone. An invitation to indefinitely go back to our childhoods.

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