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Ristorante da Giacomo

The fish restaurant in Milan, the good one

When you want to eat fish, with well executed recipes and a touch of unmistakable Milanese charme, the answer can’t be other than Ristorante da Giacomo. This restaurant is the core of Via Sottocorno’s little gastronomic district, its irradiation center (which also includes a bistrot, a deli store, a bakery and a tobacco store). An old-style foyer, small tables and a serene décor, featuring a really bon ton pastel green boiserie, all to create a classical and sophisticated ambient.

Da Giacomo | Sala

Giacomo is one of the top destinations for lots of fish-lovers, fond of some particular dish or evergreen classic like the fish vaporata or the Giacomo-style fish soup. As a matter of fact, the menu is a real triumph of fresh fish delicacies cooked in a million different ways: grilled, fried, al cartoccio or alla mugnaia, Livornese-style, Sicilian-style, Ligurian-style. That’s why the restaurant is a favorite of the international and VIP clientele during fashion week or Salone del Mobile.

Da Giacomo | Tavoli

The only thing you have to do, besides ordering from the principal menu, will be leave a little room to the wonderful dessert tray, that comes straight from the patisserie owned by the titular Giacomo. A trap for eyes and stomach, that will both be payed back with every bite: among the many delicacies you will find the Sachertorte, a thousand different pastries freshly baked, the creme brulée cobbler and the almost mythological Bomba di Giacomo.

In short, Da Giacomo is a destination to discover, try out and try again without ever getting tired, an ace up your sleeve to pull out when you’ll want to surprise your guests and a safe place where you can always find quality meals and a kind of service that only few places can be proud of nowadays.

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