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Riviera Lounge Club Bistrot

Exclusive new arrivals for the 2019 season in Forte dei Marmi

A mecca for lovers of nightlife and haute couture. Suspended between the colors of the sea and the sinuosities of the Apuan Alps, Forte dei Marmi is the most chic and lively face of Versilia where time seems to be marked by walks on the pier, markets tours and sparkling evenings. To add another twist to the already wide offer of the Tuscan town with important innovations is the Riviera: one of those addresses that perhaps you have already checkedoff your bucket list, or that, alternatively, you will be forced to add.

Riviera Lounge Club Bistrot - Forte dei Marmi

A restaurant, bistro and lounge club, taken over in 2017 by the Fontani family, owner of numerous successful venues in Milan and Florence – boasts a prestigious reputation. Within its walls it guards a battalion of vintage furnishings, portraits of characters that have made the history of the coast, and preserves a 50s-60s atmosphere, as if to recall the most roaring eras back to the area. Here, you can spend moments of pleasure such as an informal lunch, an aperitif, a dinner or an after dinner, organizing events or business meetings under the sign of elegance and informality, hospitality and good music.

Riviera Lounge Club Bistrot - Forte dei Marmi

Amaze yourself and be amazed with the dishes on the menu: varied and rich in sea and earth flavors united in simple but bold combinations, to satisfy everyone’s tastes. You can start, for example, with a burrata appetizer with tomatoes and basil oil or with the scallops larded on cream of potatoes and saffron, continue with a classic first course such as spaghetti with clams or let yourself be tempted by a mezzopacchero with vegetable brunoise on parmesan cheese fondue and crispy pancetta.

Riviera Lounge Club Bistrot - Forte dei Marmi

Among the second courses you can indulge yourselves with the catch of the day or opt for a sirloin; lovers of direct flavors, then, cannot miss the “raw” section: oyster tastings, sea plateau, trio of tartare and so on. The desserts are inevitable, and a chocolate soufflé or a cup of fruit is what it takes to finish with a flourish.

Riviera Lounge Club Bistrot - Forte dei Marmi

As anticipated, for the new 2019 season – which is now almost upon us – the Riviera has decided to impress us and amaze us: this time using an ingenious collaboration with renowned restaurateur Alessio Limatola alongside its owner Emiliano Fontani. Entrepreneurship, experience and passion are the ingredients that the duo will put into the service of this exclusive location., guaranteeing customers a gastronomic experience closer than ever to the Versilia tradition with unique relaxation and entertainment.

Riviera Lounge Club Bistrot - Forte dei Marmi

Therefore, don’t make any prior commitments for Easter weekend: on Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th of April there will be a grand opening that will keep you busy from the aperitif time into the evening. The celebrations will also continue on Sunday the 21st (for dancing in the evening there will be DJ Mett and Pepo Dj in the Iron format) and on Monday the 22nd with lunch.

Riviera Lounge Club Bistrot - Forte dei Marmi

Don’t miss the chance to try out the Vip Room: a retro-style microcosm, where you can sip the best drinks and taste gourmet dishes masterfully made by the chefs, using excellent raw materials. In short, the Riviera is almost all ready … are you?

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