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Rufus Cocktail Bar

Sit back and relax, Rufus will take care of you and your drink

A few steps away from the Conciliazione metro stop, there’s a little bar that, though recently opened, has already gained a wide and faithful following: we are talking about the Rufus Cocktail Bar. A place that, thanks to the expert hands of its mixologists, enchants the palates of its guests with sophisticated and innovative blends.

Rufus Cocktail Bar

The small room, that has a street dehors, upon entering appears immediately extremely refined in every detail. The back of the counter captures the attention to the quantity (and quality) of colored bottles that follow each other, creating a play of colors and lights irresistible for the eyes.

Rufus Cocktail Bar

The sparkling chandeliers provide a warm and welcoming light, giving a nice retro-chic effect to the location that, through the exposed brick walls and dark leather sofas, transmits an elegant and easy feeling at the same time. The small coffee tables that recall Manhattan atmospheres complement the location that, despite the small size, guarantees every group of friends, couples or, why not, lonely consumers, the right amount of tranquility and privacy.

Rufus Cocktail Bar

What strikes the most aesthetically is the variety of objects that decorate the space: bottles, skulls, playing cards, frames, candles and flowers find their place on any shelf, coffee table or corner. A confusion that has nothing casual about it, to be rather considered as a fil rouge of estro and creativity.

Rufus Cocktail Bar

But the peculiarity of this place remains the fact that it is no common cocktail bar. The selection of mixtures and ingredients for the preparations leads to the creation of always new recipes, driven by the continuous search for “strong” products of the season for unique and unexpected mixes.

Rufus Cocktail Bar

In addition to offering great drink options, the cocktail card is also remarkable for its black and white graphics with the mixologist dog, Rufus’ mascotte of sorts. But you don’t just  come in here to drink! Breakfast and lunch are guaranteed every day, except on Sunday, which remains a day of (well deserved) rest. With aperitif starts again the delicious offer of Alessandro, the owner, who delights us with fresh seasonal proposals served on slate dishes.

In short, Rufus is the place to go to and find yourself when you want a great cocktail or just a break from the Milanese frenzy. Sit back and relax, Rufus will take care of you and your drink!

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