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Salone Caruso Portaromana 131

Check out this warm and cosy salon in Porta Romana

Dario Caruso, Artistic Director at Caruso, has a fascinating history as a self-made man. Leaving Sicily as a young man, he went to London where he trained as a hairdresser, before hearing the call of his home country – like the sirens to Ulysses and returning eventually returning home, but not before gaining decades of experience in London, Paris and Madrid. He now calls Milan home.

In Milan Caruso, worked for the Teatro alla Scala, where he acquired the status of historical hairdresser, recreating those beautifully elaborate hairstyles from days long gone. Caruso also worked in the world of fashion both in shows and shoots. In 2010 he decided to open his own salon using his surname, Caruso, which brings to mind the famous song by Lucio Dalla, and makes you think of the “perfumed balcony of the sea on the gulf of Sorrento”.

Caruso Milano

Dario likes to use his hands, whether he is kneading, painting or creating art (the green wall covered with moss and plants is one of his own works). Dario is a humble person who possesses two essential qualifications for being a great hairdresser: technique and passion. Dario also managed to create a team who knows how to transform a simple cut and dry into something unique and refined.

The products used in the salon are Aveda, a brand that has long been associated with healthy hair and a healthy environment. The products are up to 98% natural, and non-toxic.

The experience at Caruso begins with small cup of tea on a wooden tray and continues with essential oils being used for a head massage. What follows is a moment of total bliss.

Caruso Porta Romana Milano

The salon has been recently renovated and enlarged, though Caruso’s philosophy remains the same. The essence of the salon is cleverly balanced by a few precious elements that recall ancient, exotic and natural worlds. You are made to feel welcome without and invited to disconnect from the world for a little while. Shaving services and cosmetic services.

Caruso combines elements of the hair salon of yesteryear, in which you can have a nice chat, with competence and the latest in technological developments.

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