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Michelin Starred

Seta – Mandarin Oriental Milan

Two Michelin stars and one of the top destinations of the Milanese restaurant scene

Behind the fashion district and the excellence of the great Italian and international fashion companies, inside the Mandarin Oriental, Milan – a luxury hotel among the most renowned in the city – the Michelin starred restaurant Seta, exactly one year after its opening, has become one of the most desired destinations of the Milanese restaurant scene.

Ristorante Seta - Mandarin Oriental Hotel Milano

The secret of its success? It’s simple: excellence in the kitchen, led by the long-standing experience of Chef Antonio Guida and the extremely elegant location, a perfect mix that reflects the chic soul of the neighbourhood in which it is located, Brera. Set within one of the four nineteenth-century buildings in which Mandarin Oriental, Milan is developed you can access the restaurant through the entrance in via Monte di Pietà, the same that takes to the Mandarin Bar & Bistro, or from the main entrance of the Hotel in via Andegari.

Executive Chef Antonio Guida, Executive Sous Chef Dellomarino, Pastry Chef Di Lena, Restaurant Manager Tasinato

Executive Chef Antonio Guida, Executive Sous Chef Dellomarino, Pastry Chef Di Lena, Restaurant Manager Tasinato.

Seta is located in the second courtyard of the Hotel and consists of two rooms. The first, gorgeous and well finished in every detail, is characterised by a chic design but by no means austere with warm colours and refined seats. The second, the most coveted and desired if the weather allows, is located in the wonderful courtyard: from here you can take a peek at the Chef and his team dancing in the kitchen, in a hide and seek game through the windows that just at the climax will make you lose that extra touch that makes the difference.

Chef Guida’s menu consists of an original version of the Italian classic cuisine enriched by the experiences he gained around the world. His inspirations are particularly linked to his land and to his childhood, a Mediterranean cuisine with Tuscan and French influences. Each experience reaches its climax with the final high-end pastry menu proposed by chef Nicola di Lena: exotic desserts that create a perfect union with chef Guida’s creations.

Chocolate jivara scented with lime salted caramel sauce oats ice cream

To match the dishes a wine list with over 500 labels, with a special focus on Italian wines and Champagne by historical and renowned producers. If you desire an experience through the flavours of the Italian cuisine, then Seta’s is the right place for you…

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