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A day to shine with REVEST

The wardrobe of your dreams exists in the heart of Milan

“What do you say, a diamond? No, just give me a gigantic wardrobe,” replied Carrie Bradshaw to Mr. Big. Revealing the true dream of every woman in the world. If you are among those that watched Sex and The City more for the looks of Sarah Jessica Parker than for her tormented love with Chris Noth, know that today it is no longer necessary to be in New York to feel like a real star . The most beautiful wardrobe has opened its doors in the heart of Milan, thus realizing one of our deepest desires. Its name? REVEST.

Un giorno da star con Revest - Milano

If you haven’t heard of it yet, we are sure that after reading this article you will no longer be able to do without it. Because, we’ve tried it and we can assure you that the experience offered in this atelier clearly exceeds all imagination causing high dependence, even after the first visit. Imagine over 100 of the best fashion and luxury brands, enclosed and wonderfully displayed in a private room designed in to make customers live a dream. Clothes and accessories are not bought, but are rented for one, four or eight days, thus allowing anyone to wear a high fashion item.

Un giorno da star con Revest - Milano

To welcome you to this living room of happiness, with its infectious smile and innate grace and elegance, Costanza Beretta, the very young owner and creator of this new format that is driving women of all ages crazy. The basic idea is very simple: to give life to the most beautiful wardrobes and clothes of the Milanese, enclosing them in a single location. Allowing the owners to make space in their wardrobe and allowing anyone who has a special occasion to feel like a real star while wearing them, at least for a day. “Why buy. Why sell. Rent “.

Un giorno da star con Revest - Milano

Thanks to an innate taste for beauty, REVEST has succeeded in a few months to establish itself as a female reference point for every great occasion and only those who live in a city like Milan – the international capital of fashion – know how many there can be any time of year : Fashion Week, Salone del Mobile and an unspecified number of events that the calendar struggles to keep between weddings, ceremonies, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, birthdays and so on and so forth. There is always a good opportunity where we need an amazing dress. Here you will find it, just like you always dreamed with the exceptional advice of those who have always had fashion, but above all style, in their blood.

Un giorno da star con Revest - Milano

As anticipated, the list of brands exceeds that of any multi-brand in the city, including iconic names and emerging brands. So you can choose between Valentino, Dior, Chanel, Hermès, Prada, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Versace, Alaia, The Attico, Redemption, Balmain – just to name a few – clothing and accessories that will be offered to you based on your needs. If you want to get an idea visit the website and let yourself be inspired. If you have no doubts and you have already found the piece that makes your heart skip a beat, you can register, choose the duration of the rental, the delivery times and finalize the order (in case it does not go well, free returns are available). If instead you want to “touch” the items, make an appointment, explain your needs and let yourself be enchanted by the one-to-one service and the selection designed for you.

Un giorno da star con Revest - Milano

“You can get anything you want, if you’re dressed for it,” said Edit Head, one of the greatest costume designers of the 20th century. So, what are you waiting for to wear and realize your dream at REVEST?


Photo credit © Dalila Antolovic

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