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TA-TTÀ La Polpetteria

Meatballs the way Grandma does it

The now crowded Isola district offers culinary and gastronomic opportunities for all tastebuds, yet the meatballs cannot be missed. The heart of TA-TTA is in fact the meatball, along with homemade food par excellence produced by the skilful hands of grandmothers who pass down their secret recipes from generation to generation,  honoring a cornerstone of Italian cuisine. A dinner saver for many, a Sunday lunch dish for others, the meatball is a real comfort food that can be eaten as take away or comfortably at the table. The philosophy behind TA-TTÀ was developed around its founder, Roberta Lamberti, who after opening the meatball-based food truck, LaPolpetteria, in 2014, decided to expand her love for the food by opening a local Milanese restaurant in Via Lambertenghi.

Ta-ttà La Polpetteria - Milano

The name of the restaurant is derived from the Neapolitan dialect to indicate what is prepared well, yet very quickly. Roberta’s biggest influence comes from her grandmother, Tonia, who inspired her granddaughter’s love of cooking. At the venue, two windows open to display the sidewalk and allow you to observe the restaurant’s bright details. Stools and a long counter that follow the perimeter of the space allow you to taste the delicious specialties directly on site. A large counter welcomes you at the entrance with a wide selection of meatballs on display that will be carefully explained by the friendly staff. On the wall there is an inscription dedicated to grandmothers, noting the strong foundation for this all-female culinary project. However, the real surprise is the menu, which is characterized by a wide range of meatball-based culinary offerings.

Ta-ttà La Polpetteria - Milano

The meatballs follow two styles: the classic and the special. The former tell of a gastronomic tradition that plays with chicken, red meats, cod, chickpeas, and vegetables. The latter, on the other hand, trace a journey through the regional flavors of Italy, with a focus on Lombard, Tuscan and Roman cuisine. And the restaurant doesn’t just sell meatballs! TA-TTÀ also offers delicious homemade lasagna ready to be enjoyed until the last bite.

Ta-ttà La Polpetteria - Milano

For the indecisive or maybe for the big eater, a customer can try 6, 9 or up to 12 meatballs to experience the diverse types that best represent the creativity of the polpetteria’s kitchen. Also, a small note of praise: all the meatballs can be purchased as take away, cooked or raw.

Ta-ttà La Polpetteria - Milano

In addition to the menu, the drink selection is absolutely noteworthy. Beer lovers have the opportunity to taste the craft beers of Buttiga, and all customers are invited to try WAMI (Water with A Mission) that promotes sustainability projects globally. If you are in the Isola area and want to try a street food that tastes like home, TA-TTÀ is the perfect destination to indulge in the taste of meatballs prepared like how your grandma used to make it.

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