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Terrazza 12

A magnetic allure, which naturally embraces anyone who decides to be a part of it

On the top floor of the very central Brian&Barry Building, in the heart of Milan’s drinking scene, is one of the coolest locations inaugurated in Milan over the last few months. It’s Terrazza 12, a lounge restaurant whose most captivating feature is the breathtaking view of the Milanese historical center. I don’t know about you guys, but I find sipping a good wine with the view of the majestic beauty of the Duomo rooftops in front of me incredibly relaxing. From up there it seems as if the Madonnina maliciously winks at you inviting you to stay for another drink. And what a drink it is!

At Terrazza 12 you’re welcomed by a relaxed but dynamic atmosphere. The furnishings, with a modern and refined design, bring to mind the 1950’s New York bars. After all, the concept for Terrazza 12 derives its inspiration from no other than the locales of the Big Apple itself: therefore coolness and skyline are the order. The art direction was entrusted to Eliana Citterio, who wanted to propose a sophisticated and trendy atmosphere, with refined furniture, materials with geometric shapes, comfortable pouffes and little sofas. Once you get to the top floor of the B&B Building you need to go up another flight of stairs. Once you’ve hit the last step you can decide whether you want to remain inside or head out to the terrace. Whatever you choose, it won’t be difficult to enjoy Milan’s thousands of lights thanks to the large windows that cover three sides of the locale.

Terrazza 12 is the perfect place for an aperitif with company after a long day at work but also ideal for a (almost) solitary lunch: you, a perfect club sandwich and the fascinating city. What is really surprising about this place, other than the exclusive location, is the preparation of the staff especially when it comes to spirits. The wine list offers Champagne and quality Franciacorta, but what make it boss are the cocktails, prepared by expert mixologists. The drink list has an international trend, but new cocktails have also included, which were created exclusively for the club and are also meant to compliment the dishes served by the “Asola” restaurant located on the lower floor.

With Terrazza 12 now open, Milan has embraced the concept of “food pairing” combining it with mixology in a new and contagious foodie fashion which combines a cocktail with a taste of high quality gourmet and sought-after flavors. Terrazza 12 has a magnetic allure, which naturally embraces anyone who decides to be a part of it. An almost enchanted place, where time seems to have stopped, but definitely not the desire to have fun!

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