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Terrazza Gallia

A blend of tranquility, elegance, and beauty

I recently came back to Milan after spending a week in New York City. It was a week full of stories, inspiration, exploration, and discovery. It was a week spent sipping cocktails while watching the sun set on some of the most fascinating rooftops in Manhattan, working on projects in a brightly lit atmosphere. When back again in Milan, I felt the urge to enjoy a drink with the view of a skyline. Still in an adventurous mood, I wanted to find surprises in my town. In my pursuit to be closer to the sky and experience something new, I ended up at Terrazza Gallia.

Excelsior Hotel Gallia | Aperitivo

This rooftop is located on the 7th floor of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel, founded in 1932 and quickly solidified itself as one of the prestigious hotels in Milan. The building’s major restoration project during Expo 2015 by the celebrated architectural firm Marco Piva, was completed with respect and care, maintaining its original style as a historical symbol of the Belle Époque.

Terrazza Gallia

I had already fallen in love with the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel when visiting the magnificent Shiseido SPA on the 6th floor. However, upon entering the 7th floor and seeing the spectacular rooftop, my first impression was confirmed. The Excelsior Gallia is a celebration, in every respect, of timeless, exclusive, and flawless luxury.

Terrazza Gallia

I suggest you go to the Terrazza Gallia at sunset and ask for a table outside. From there, you will be able to admire Stazione Centrale from a fantastic vantage point and enjoy a vivid view of the Porta Nuova district. Kick back, take some pictures, and allow one of the expert bartenders to suggest an excellent cocktail. The drink, carefully prepared by a team of mixologists, will also approach you with a selection of the most exceptional finger foods.

Excelsior Hotel Gallia | Terrazza Gallia

These appetizers are an exciting introduction into the creations of Vincenzo and Antonio Lebano, the chefs of Terrazza Gallia and creative partners of the multi-award winning Fratelli Cerea kitchen. To fully taste the culinary experience born from the Lebano and Cerea families joining forces, I recommend that you do not leave the rooftop at the end of your aperitivo, but rather extend your evening into the restaurant, where you will savor a highquality dinner in a unique environment.

Terrazza Gallia

Time spent at Terrazza Gallia means quality, wellness, tranquility, elegance, and beauty. These are, to me, the most essential ingredients for a successful cocktail, whether you are in eclectic and captivating Manhattan or in the small, restless city of Milan, which walks a fine line between a traditional soul and a relentless desire for innovation. 

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