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The best seafood restaurants in Milan

The must-see places to savor the seaside while staying in the city

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Summer in Milan can sometimes be too hot to handle, with its humid temperatures, crowded swimming pools on the weekends, and colleagues leaving for the holidays. It’s not an ideal condition, but you can turn it into an excellent excuse to experience the city in a new way and discover new or hidden corners. The streets start to empty, the commute to work suddenly gets faster, and parking spots seem to appear everywhere, rather than cars in double rows. And although you can’t walk by the sea with your feet in the sand, a bike ride at sunset can be a pleasant and surprisingly romantic way to end the day.

But not before a nice, light dinner, accompanied by a cold glass of champagne. What better solution than a seafood menu that will make you feel like you’re in a tavern overlooking a Greek marina or exclusive restaurant on Costa Smeralda? Milan offers a wide variety of venues able to combine chic locations with the highest quality ingredients. Did you know that in Milan, you can enjoy the freshest fish in Italy?

These places aren’t urban legends. If our word isn’t enough, here’s a selection of the best seafood restaurants in Milan. Since the summer season has just begun, you’ll have time to try them all.


Via Savona, 10
Via Privata Bobbio, 2
Galleria del Corso, 4

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

Langosteria is Enrico Buonocore’s new project, which began as a restaurant in Via Savona and has now opened three branches in Milan, all serving as a restaurant, bistro, and café that carry the famous name. Something we know for sure is that you must try the King Crab, a signature dish from Langosteria that is available year-round. If you’re ready to discover new flavors, be inspired by the menu, and you will not leave disappointed. The newly renovated Langosteria Bistrot is the perfect place for a formal dinner dedicated to the tastes of the ocean. Langosteria Cafè, located in the elegant Galleria del Corso at the foot of the Duomo, is the ideal backdrop for every moment of the day thanks to the eclecticism of the dynamic Milanese city center like Milan. And if you miss Langosteria’s seafood cuisine during your holiday, all you have to do is plan a day in Liguria to enjoy it with an oceanfront view at the Paraggi location.


Via Marcona, 6

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

Since 1982, Osteria Vip La Risacca 6 has served fresh, quality fish in the Cinque Giornate area in their spacious restaurant, where you can taste the varying specialties of each season. Here, you can try the tasting menu that includes the signature dishes of the restaurant, or choose from a wide variety of raw ingredients, cooking styles, and combinations. Something to note is that the raw section includes not only tartare and carpaccio, but plateaux royales with various oysters, truffles, and sea urchins, all ready to be paired with one of the renowned wine labels in the cellar.


Via San Marco, 26

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

If you love tradition and consider Liguria to be your favorite holiday destination, the Moscova area has the perfect restaurant for you. Da I Gemelli arrived in Milan in 2018, after the restaurant of the same name was founded in Portofino 2014 by Paolo and Matteo, the eighth generation of restaurateurs. The key to their cuisine lies in their mother’s culinary secrets and their grandmother’s Ligurian recipes, which have become very popular in the Lombard capital. A careful selection of raw ingredients and a variety of culinary creations make this restaurant a landmark for the Milanese who dream of a weekend on the Ligurian Riviera all year long.


Via Atto Vannucci, 5

Pescatore Lobster Bar - Milano

We arrive in Sardinia, or rather, Sardinia arrived in Milan more than forty years ago, when Trattoria del Pescatore opened its doors and soon established itself as one of the best seafood restaurants in the city. At this must-see place, everything is infused with tradition (from the classic loaves of bread to Sardinian pecorino cheese offered at the end of the meal), the raw ingredients are fresh, and the atmosphere is informal, friendly, and relaxed. The Catalan lobster, the main dish that made the restaurant famous, is an absolute must-have. While reservations are required and the tables are always full, there’s no need to worry. Recently, they have expanded into a new space adjacent to the main venue called Pescatore Lobster Bar, where you can enjoy exceptional raw seafood and other culinary specialties, accompanied by a selection of gin, vermouth, or wine by the glass, without having to book your spot.


Eataly Smeraldo, Piazza XXV Aprile

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

With a unique location, prestigious brand, and Michelin-star culinary tradition of the highest value, Alice Ristorante, located inside Eataly Smeraldo, led by Chef Viviana Varese, offers an extraordinary experience. At Alice, you can choose to enjoy one of the two menus (“Tradition” or “Innovation”), accompanying any dinner choice with one of over 400 labels in the wine cellar. The Chef, originally from Salerno, brings the traditions of the family-run fish restaurant with her, offering memorable dishes capable of enhancing the raw seafood ingredients. This is the perfect place for special occasions and for lovers of excellent seafood cuisine.


Via Taramelli, 70
Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini, 28

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

Milan boasts of renowned places that have marked its history, including the city’s historic shops and the Chamber of Commerce. A’Riccione is a famous example of this. Founded in 1926 with a plan to introduce fish to the tables of Milan, this restaurant boasts a tradition that makes it one of the most famous places for raw seafood and more. Currently, under the leadership of the Di Paolo brothers, A’Riccione guarantees the quality, variety, and above all freshness of the ingredients, served in a welcoming yet refined environment. It has recently doubled in size and influence with the opening of A’Riccione Bistrot, in the Monumentale area, that specializes in oysters, raw seafood offerings, as well as the dishes that have made this name legendary in the city.


Corso Lodi, 12
Via Lecco, 4

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

Freshness finds its home at Barmare. Here, the fish arrives fresh every morning (90% from the Mediterranean) and is consumed in a single day, guaranteeing the quality that distinguishes each dish. A deep respect for the raw ingredients is one of the most important values of this restaurant, demonstrated not only by the care that notes the recipes from creation to delivery, with a touch of originality but the attention paid to sustainability as well. Barmare is a partner of the NGO Friend of the Sea, dedicated to the protection of marine life. Barmare L’Altro was recently born in Porta Venezia, a modern version of its older brother, where you can taste fish specialties, crudités, and fresh pasta combined with a good glass of wine or a new weekly cocktail from the bartender. There is something for everyone!


Via Montebello, 7

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

Fishbar de Milan, in the heart of Brera, is the perfect place to meet up with friends for dinner and a drink. The key to their cuisine is internationality, indicated by the ever-changing menu, highlighting traditional Italian dishes to exotic, South American plates. Start with a tasting of the raw offerings on the blackboards on the wall that display the day’s available offerings, and then proceed with one of the fishburgers served with homemade bread. Check this place out for original and delicious offerings in a refined yet informal environment.


Via Vittor Pisani, 2

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

Assunta Madre’s kitchen will satisfy your cravings for seafood cuisine. Upon entering, you will be immediately captivated by the display case that holds the esteemed catch of the day. Here, we are not just talking about fresh fish, but live fish as well, including blue lobsters, shrimps, and prawns that arrive in the restaurant’s kitchen a mere three hours after being caught. You can eat them raw, cooked, salted, or grilled. The restaurant covers two floors and accommodates up to 120 seats and immerses guests in an environment of exposed bricks and framed photographs. Request an indoor room to make your evening even more special.


Piazza General Antonio Cantore, (Ex casello daziario)

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

Among the historic seafood restaurants in Milan, Al Porto cannot be missed. It used to be located in the former tollbooth of Porta Genova in 1967, but today it is widely appreciated after its grand reopening in Darsena. This restaurant boasts over 50 years of family-run success, telling their love story for cooking and raw ingredients in the traditional dishes of Versilia across the Lombard capital. The restaurant, with its maritime style, was recently renovated to bring back the splendor of a symbolic place in the city. Start your dinner off right with a fresh fish appetizer and get carried away by the flavors of the sea and the passion of the staff.


Via Alessandro Volta, 9

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

Pescetto is undoubtedly a winning concept, evidenced by the line of people at the entrance of the restaurant at all hours of the night. At this fish market, you can buy fish by the pound, ask for your desired cooking style, and sit at the table and wait for the chef in the kitchen to call your number. It is the perfect, casual solution for an evening with friends that will allow you to enjoy seafood flavors without breaking the bank. The place is welcoming, and the staff is quick to entertain the customers in line before ordering. Pescetto is always worth a visit.


Via Tito Speri, 7

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

In Milan, places that allow you to choose how to make your dish before it’s served are becoming increasingly popular. Pescheria con Cottura represents this genre well, serving as a restaurant with designer furniture, refined tapestries, and commissioned works by artists. In this beautiful location, located just a few steps from the lively Corso Como, you can request the cooking style for your fish or choose from the chef’s proposals on the menu. Maybe try accompanying your meal with one of the cocktails prepared by the barman in the lounge area, which is ideal for a unique aperitif experience.


Via Sottocorno, 6
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 1

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

Another restaurant filled with great tradition, Da Giacomo was established in 1958 by the Tuscan-born chef Giacomo Bulleri and moved to its current location in the ’90s. The loyal and often international clientele enjoy a fish-based menu, comprised of dishes that bring the tradition of seafood cuisine to the table. The restaurant carries refined details, including stuccowork, arches, and wood paneling that transports visitors to an incredibly romantic atmosphere. It is also impossible not to mention the headquarters at Giacomo Vista Duomo. Giacomo Arengario enjoys an exceptional location, perfect for an important dinner to impress your guests. The fresh fish, reinterpreted in a modern key, is a must-have.


Via Marsala, 2

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

Born from the historic Briciola in Via Solferino, La Briciola Mare, located in the heart of Brera, brings the flavors of Sicilian tradition to Milanpreparing fresh fish dishes treated with the utmost of care. Passion and creativity are the values that guide the kitchen and become crucial elements in the menu’s flavors, aromas, and colors, enriched by original and successful combinations. The refined and romantic atmosphere lends itself to both a romantic evening or a night out with friends.


Via Bartolomeo Panizza, 10

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

This location, dressed entirely in white, gives this restaurant its name and uniqueness with its international designer decor. The fresh fish is the star of the menu and the foundation to develop their idea to adhere to a strict Italian cuisine, capable of evoking traditional flavors and aromas. There is no shortage of raw seafood that can be accompanied by drinks prepared by the bartenders that are ideal for an aperitif or after dinner. The restaurant also allows you to dine outdoors on the veranda of the inner courtyard.


Via Pietro Maroncelli, 15

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

Fishion is a unique place, able to satisfy its guests from aperitif to dinner. This fish bar is not only a crossroads between cuisine and cocktails but also between raw ingredients and customer experience. You can choose the fish of your choice and eat it raw, blanch it, or cook it on a slab of hot Himalayan pink salt brought directly to the table. This new and original experience also extends to the aperitif, where you can choose one of the signature cocktails (enriched with arias and aromas of the most famous drinks in the world) and sip it along with oysters or delicious seafood pastries. White exposed bricks, green marble tables, and a relaxed yet classy atmosphere are the perfect setting for this innovative concept.


Viale Pasubio ang. via Bonnet

I migliori ristorante di pesce di Milano

Alexamberfish boasts a first-class family tradition since its managers Alessandro and Ambra are the children of the owners of the historic restaurant Bice in Milan. Despite their young age, the two owners have succeeded in realizing their new project that makes the quality and seasonality of the raw ingredients its core values. The rich and intriguing menu lets you start with a raw tasting or hot seafood appetizers, and then move to the main fish dishes in various cooking styles and seasonings, without sacrificing the first courses made to perfection. If you are looking for a breath of fresh air from the new generation, this restaurant deserves your attention.