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We feel a little in awe trying to describe The Spirit. It may be for that black door covered in studs behing which the bar is hidden, it may be for its evocative and important name or it may be because, since the first indiscretions, a few days from the opening, The Spirit held a very relevant position in the Milanese panorama of auteur cocktail bar.


The little porthole that overlooks Via Piacenza makes you want to go through the door and plunge in a classy, trandy, cosmopolitan atmosphere where the art of fine drinking finds its temple. If you are liquor connoisseurs or reckless adventurers, the experience and willingness of professionals like Fabio Bacchi and Carlo Simbula, along with their more than prepared staff, will guide you through a very creative and high quality drink list.

The Spirit

Dark velvet sofas, games of light and mirrors, a mahogany counter where you can confortably sit are the protagonists of the main hall, while in the second room, divided by velvet drapes, there are more, cozier tables. The Spirit is also a club and, in this sense, the membership it offers is unique in the Milanese landscape: if you join in you will be able to enjoy some exclusive advantages like the possibility to book part of the place, attend special events, taste luxury bottles and receiva a totally tailor-made service.


The drink list is divided between classic cocktails and Signature Cocktails. The latter are all complex, very well studied drinks. The Bushido Fizz, for instance, is a perfect union of Japanese gin and cinnamon and chamomile cordial. The Voiron Express, instead, with its peach bitter, vermouth and Tanqueray mix has nuances of flavor that you surely don’t expect, while the Fairy Pools will surprise you with its mix of whisky, calvados and hibiscus & lime cordial.


The bottle rack is rich and absolutely worthy of being discovered. The same goes for the carefully selected cellar. Both are available to those who prefer try some variations or wish to try the excellencies of drinking. This is a place to go on an adventure, let yourself be guided. And not just once, but repeatedly because the offer and the space are so sophisticate that you will fully appreciate The Spirit’s aesthetic over time.

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