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Young Pizza

In via Lazzaro Papi 20 there is a new place where you should go

Young Pizza is an historical chain from Campania (more precisely from Sannio) that after 25 years of successes, has just arrived in Milan. The protagonist here is sliced pizza, but not the classic you may be thinking of. Young Pizza mixes together the comfortable taste of tradition with the enjoyable taste of innovation for an exclusive – but especially young – result. Their goal is to be able to accomodate various culinary demands of different generations.

Young Pizza - Milano

The menu take a look to the world of fit and intends to offer its guests a different way of enjoying a product known and loved by all. This address proposes four different special mixtures: sourdough, multigrain, kamut and wholemeal flour, with DOC ingredients arriving from every region of Italy: the result is that the sliced pizza from Sannio is a real mix of flavors and combinations original, all to be tasted.

Young Pizza - Milano

Obviously there are some traditional pizzas, such as Margherita or Marinara, but there are a lot of new and various combinations. In addition to pizzas the menu offers the classic focaccia, that can be also filled. Their signature piece is Pizza Young, really singular but super tasty, made with corn, gourmet mayonnaise and ham. This signature pizza has been created by the owner of the first restaurant in Benevento in 1994, during the occasion of Women’s Day – that’s the reason why he chose to use corn, because it reminds the flower Mimosa. The menu of Young Pizza changes monthly, and it always presents new proposals linked to seasonal products.

Young Pizza - Milano

The location itself is slightly small because Young Pizza is mostly thought as a take away. As you come inside, the sight of the pizzas will catch your attention; while on the opposite side you will find a counter and a few chairs. The limited seats give the place a very chill atmosphere that will make you fell at home as soon as you walk in. And at the end, if you need an ultimate reason to go there, here why you should. Young Pizza is thought for young people, and that’s why a young-touch couldn’t miss. Take out your phone from your pocket and open the camera: the pink neon sign “Forever Young” that you can find inside is  will make you love the place even more.

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